Delicate lady fingers layered in ube cream and halaya bits with a splash of ube liqueur. Yes, this is one refreshing and decadent dessert you wouldn’t want to miss after a meal. It’s bursting with real ube goodness.

However, if you’re not a fan of ube and you simply want it plain and simple, The Pastry Company has the Classic Tiramisu, which is delicate lady fingers layered in coffee and cream with a splash of coffee liqueur and topped with cocoa powder. 

The Pastry Company is owned and run by siblings Raymond and Carolyn Lee.

“We like the classics,” shares Carolyn. “Currently, our cakes are our version of what we loved growing up. They are our family’s favorite cakes. We love making something simple yet really indulgent.”

She adds: “We always find joy in seeing or hearing our customers love our creations. Cliche as it may sound, it makes all the hard work, long hours and challenges worthwhile. Also, it makes us proud to get our products recognized in the industry.”

Raymond started baking when he began working for their parents’ bakery in 2007.

“He was self-taught… lots of trial and error. But from those experiences he was able to learn how to calibrate and fine tune recipes,” she says.

During her teenage years, Carolyn delved into the world of baking, crafting delectable cookies and brownies that she would later sell to family and friends. Then, she and her brother started helping the family bakery.

“I officially started baking as a career in 2012. Challenge was collaborating with Raymond as we had opposite work style and taste. But, in the end, that became our strength as our products became well-rounded,” Carolyn says.

Ube Tiramisu is available in midi size (6×6 inches) for P1,000 and full size (8×8 inches) for P1,200. The Classic Tiramisu is available for 8×8 inches at P1,200.

Other bestselling items include Mango Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Ganache Cake, New York Cheesecake, Calamansi Pie and Classic Ube Cake.

The Pastry Company is at 7-A San Pedro St., Brgy. Del Monte, Quezon City with telephones 0917-1006622 and 7900-6248; Facebook and Instagram: @ThePastryCompany.