Designer spotlight: Mod and Noble Design Studio

Filled with youth, fresh ideas, high-end designs and the future of Philippine interior design, the team at Mod and Noble inspires and provides solutions that are fit for an aesthetic and desirable use of the space.

Mod and Noble began as an online furniture brand, specializing in period-style chairs like the Louis XVI chair by using contemporary materials and creating classic pieces with a modern twist.

Mod and Noble’s clients began seeking their interior design consultancy services as the business grew in the furniture industry.

For the team, this moment was considered the birth of Mod and Noble as an interior design firm.

As a licensed interior designer with 20 years of collective experience, IDr. Jullienne Iris Taguinod and IDr. Roy Patrick Javier and Jamelle Hyacinth Taguinod, the founders of Mod and Noble, realized that it was high time to transition into a full-service interior design firm.

The team then expanded their services. The original plan as a furniture company is now part of a bigger universe: creating and designing spaces for their clients.

They also consider their company to be a teaching firm, their way of giving back and sharing their knowledge with the next generation of designers and innovators.

They also envision their design studio as an extension of a design school, where emerging designers have voices and can actively participate in the decision-making processes for implementing various designs/plans.

They have also expanded their clientele, resulting in a stronger design portfolio.

Mod and Noble have been blessed with their clients’ trust and confidence, so as the business grows and matures, they are not just assigned to take care of their clients’ homes but also their restaurants, cafes and entire businesses. And because of these changes, the Mod and Noble family has grown.

They take great pride in their diverse and passionate team. While the group started as interior designers, they also welcomed architects into their fold.

This expansion has injected fresh architectural perspectives and innovative solutions into their projects.

Celebrating their anniversary, they foresee their firm scaling to new heights, taking on even more exciting projects, and welcoming new projects into their ever-expanding roster of satisfied clients.

Mod and Noble are currently planning the expansion of their office to accommodate better clients for meetings, welcome visitors for product presentations and provide additional workstations for their designers.

Additionally, they are actively scouting for a separate office space to host VIP meetings while showcasing some of Mod and Noble’s exquisite collections, including artworks, aromatherapy scents and other home decor items. An area that promises a Mod and Noble lifestyle experience.

On another note, the team remains committed to forging collaborations with strategic partners to reach greater heights and further enhance their expertise in architectural, interior design and furniture design. Looking back, both Iris and Roy faced their fair share of challenges before the inception of Mod and Noble.

Furthermore, their design company, founded from the ground up without formal business degrees, is a testament to their perseverance and ability to forge valuable relationships and connections.

Through sheer determination and the right partnerships, they have built an organization that thrives and creates opportunities for others.