Dessert of the Week: Pixie Dust

A deep, concentrated chocolate flavor defines this decadent confection made with milk chocolate, praline chocolate and whipped ganache in between hazelnut meringue layers and a chocolate sponge center, draped in dark chocolate ganache and edible gold leaves.

Yes, it’s made for serious chocolate lovers.

Another delightful melding of flavors and textures is the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, a flavored and dense baked cheesecake on a cookie crust and iced with freshly whipped cream and caramel sauce swirls.

DULCE de Leche cheesecake

These are just a few of chef-instructor Pixie Rodrigo Sevilla’s line of desserts under Forget Me Not Specialty Cakes, La Brazorria de Lasevil Bakeshop and Miel’s Pastillerie.

Sevilla has been baking since she was 12. She’s a graduate of California Culinary Academy and Culinary Institute of America Greystone. She’s been in the pastry business for 23 years now.

“My inspiration ever since I started has always been my family,” Sevilla shares. “I also get my inspirations from our family travels. I like discovering and trying out new things all the time. But if you look at our line up, you will notice that it is mostly traditional recipes. Something that would remind you of your childhood or spending time with your family.”

Some of her bestsellers, such as the Mocha Praline and Brazo, were recipes passed down to her “and we always have them in every family gathering before I was even born,” she says.

MOCHA Praline

“I want my desserts to be comfortable and simple,” Sevilla adds. “When you eat it, it should make you feel like a warm embrace — something you will crave for and not just order during special occasions. I also want to be as affordable or at the very least reasonably priced. My daughter, Miel, coined it as cakes made from tradition and old recipes.”

However, Sevilla admits running a cake business is not easy. It is quite challenging.

“After 23 years, I think I have experienced almost every high and low there is. But, what really keeps me going are the simple ‘Thank Yous’ and ‘Ang sarap po talaga’ (it’s really delicious) and the different stories my customers share with me on how our cakes have been a part of their lives. That touches my heart every time. Of course, the awards and recognitions are a super bonus. I think it’s God’s way of saying you are where you are meant to be and ‘Good job.’”

PASTEL de Amor

Sevilla’s other popular cakes are Mocha Praline Cake, a mocha chiffon cake with traditional mocha buttercream and crushed praline; Pastel de Amor, a chiffon cake with its secret brazo filling and toasted boiled marshmallow icing; Pastel Tres Leches, soft sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk, covered with freshly whipped cream and fresh strawberries; and Brazo de Remedios, an heirloom brazo recipe; and Pastillas de leche made from carabao’s milk.

For orders, call 0945-5135391 or visit her website at FB and IG: forgetmenotspecialtycakes.