Dead Egyptian scribe answers questions

In one of the weekly meditation sessions in the house of Helen Mirasol in Makati in the ‘90s, an ancient Egyptian scribe suddenly came through to me. Present in that meeting were Helen Mirasol, Mimi Tan and her husband Andy, Jo Bilasano, Noel Resella and psychic businessman Dick Quitoriano.

Again, I cannot recall what brought about my trance and why this ancient Egyptian scribe came through to me. Dick Quitoriano revealed it was he who was invoking those who wrote the Book of the Dead because he wanted to ask specific questions about it.

photographs courtesy of pexels/derwin edwards and pexels/lokman sevim

So, when the entity said he was one of the keepers of secret knowledge involved in the writing of the Book of the Dead, Dick quickly asked if the Book of the Dead concerned only topics about death and dying. The reply came — it was not only about that.

“Did it involve warfare and military strategy?” The answer was “yes.”

“Did it involve revealing secret treasures and where these are hidden?” The answer was, again, “yes.”

The group asked his name, but he ignored the question.

After several more questions, Dick and Andy again asked the entity’s name. Sounding as if irritated, the entity shouted: “Amenhotep!” Suddenly, the light flickered and the air-conditioning malfunctioned for a split second. We were all stunned.

When I came out of a trance, I could remember what had happened. But I told them I did not believe it because Amenhotep was the name of a pharaoh and not a mere scribe in ancient Egypt.

We discussed the contents of the message for a few minutes and then called it a night.

It was an incredible confirmation of the trance message I had received.

I had already forgotten that session, when about a week later, I decided to pull out of my office library a book about Egypt, “The Ancient Wisdom of Egypt” by Murry Hope. The first paragraph on page 20 shocked me. It said: “The oldest copy of The Book of the Dead, now known to exist on papyrus, is that written for Nu, the son of the overseer of the house of the overseer of the seal, Amen-hetep, and the lady of the house, Senseneb.”

So, there was indeed such a person named Amenhotep or Amen-hetep and he was not a pharaoh. He was one of the keepers of the secret knowledge given only to the priests and the initiates.

It was an incredible confirmation of the trance message I had received. It proved what I had been teaching all along — that time exists only on the physical plane and not on the mental and spiritual planes. Life continues even in the “afterlife.”

What I also find remarkable about this trance message is that, not only the name of the spirit giving the message was confirmed, but also his profession as keeper of the secrets and his involvement in the writing of the Book of the Dead.

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