Darryl Yap’s tourism slogan suggestion meant to ‘excite foreigners’

With too many destinations to choose from, foreigners are hard to come by in a country that lacks promotional tourism activities. Thus, to overcome the stiff competition in the global market, countries are becoming more creative in their branding, ad campaigns, and tourism slogans.

Recently, the Philippines’ new country brand, “We Give The World Our Best,” went viral on social media after the branding was “misconstrued” as the country’s new tourism slogan. It did not sit well with many netizens. In fact, Senator Nancy Binay found the branding “vague”.

Film director Darryl Yap, being an online busybody and naughty creative that he is, rode on the issue and suggested a witty tourism slogan: “VIVA PHILIPPINES, TO THE MAX!”.

“Ayan, para tigasan lahat ng foreigners,” he added in jest.

In an earlier post, Yap said there’s nothing wrong to give “your best”.

“Pero kung gusto nating ibenta ang turismo, bakit parang papunta sa labas ang effort, parang aalis ang mga pinoy para ibigay sa buong mundo… dapat sila (foreigners) ang pumunta dito! hello.”

Yap’s post garnered mixed reactions. But most netizens found it amusing and were quick to connect his suggested slogan to Vivamax, where some of Yap’s films are being shown. Vivamax is a subscription-based, video-on-demand platform known for featuring provocative and sexy Filipino movies.