‘Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko’ marks magical comeback this April

Gabby Eigenmann, Sienna Stevens, Zonia Mejia and Rochelle Pangilinan. | PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF GMA-7

Expect new adventures and meaningful lessons for all ages as the award-winning anthology series Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko returns to GMA Network this month.

 Kickstarting the miniseries is the two-part episode titled “Smart Fam,” headlined by Gabby Eigenmann as Owen and Rochelle Pangilinan as Cherry. Also joining them are Zonia Mejia as Elsie, Sienna Stevens as Annie, and Matt Lozano as Apol.

Owen is an insurance agent who works from home. He takes care of his daughters, Elsie and Annie, while his architect wife, Cherry, is usually away from them. Owen and his children share a love for smartphones. Sooner or later, their addiction to gadgets begins to affect their family.

Elsie frequently asks for purchases to improve her online celebrity status, while Annie constantly requests weapons for her online games. Owen, on the other hand, tends to neglect Cherry as he is more focused on his smartphone.

One day, a mysterious man hears and grants Cherry’s desire for her husband and daughters to become just like their smartphones. Owen, Elsie, and Annie suddenly develop keypads on their bodies and produce notification sounds similar to a gadget. How will the “Smart Fam” get out of this curse?

Next on the fresh lineup of Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko is “Mga Hero ni Jiro.” Set to banner its three episodes are Althea Ablan as Winnie and Zephanie as Lucy, together with Marco Masa as Jiro. Completing the cast are Chuckie Dreyfus as Dudut, Ariel Villasanta as Manolo, Sean Lucas as Marcus and Geleen Eugenio as Linda.

Girl scouts Winnie and Lucy had sacrificed their lives to save people trapped in a fire in their school. To commemorate their courage and heroism, the school built them a monument.

Twenty-five years later, a student named Jiro becomes a victim of bullying. As he cries in front of the sisters’ monument, his tears surprisingly turn the bronze statues alive. Later on, Jiro asks for Winnie and Lucy’s help to turn him into a brave man.

In return, the sisters request Jiro to get close to their sick and lonely mother, Linda. However, Jiro is afraid of the infamous Linda, whom people consider a witch. How can Winnie and Lucy help Jiro stand up against the bullies? Will he finally be able to show bravery and compassion to strangers like Linda?

Don’t miss the new episodes of Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko — under the helm of esteemed director Rico Gutierrez — every Saturday at 6:15 p.m. on GMA Network.