Culinary bliss unleashed with Taiwan’s best ‘black pig’ pork

If the world of beef has premium quality based on the cattle’s environment, pork has the equivalent in “black pork pig.” And if Spain has its Iberico, Taiwan has its Odiva.

Renowned for its superior Taiwanese “black pig pork,” Odiva Pork has expertly merged its mouthwatering product with the elegant atmosphere of Shangri-La’s premium properties.

Photographs by Pauline Joyce Pascual for the Daily Tribune

Odiva Pork, which originated from the county of Pingtung, is not only an eco-friendly pork brand because of its sustainable farming practices, but is considered the “star of dinner tables” as it is produced with the aim of providing only “the best meat for a lavish celebration.”

Smooth, juicy and irresistible

Pingtung-bred Odiva’s Pinpu black pigs have the same mouthwatering flavor as classic Taiwanese black pig pork. The meat’s smooth, springy and tender texture is guaranteed by its collagen-rich, Omega-9-infused composition, which makes it the perfect canvas for a culinary masterpiece.

As a testament to Odiva’s commitment to excellence, the company employed genetic sequencing for over a decade to craft Taiwanese black pig pork with healthy fat. The outcome? A culinary marvel aptly named “Pinpu black pigs,” paying homage to the land that contributed to this delectable creation based on a representative from Odiva Pork, Vincent Chang.

Palate-pleasing collaboration 

As Odiva’s culinary masterpiece makes its debut, a harmonious collaboration with Shangri-La elevates the dining experience to new heights. The texture of Odiva Pork, coupled with its sweet aroma, captivates the taste buds of Shangri-La’s esteemed guests, making it the perfect addition to the dining table. It is often described as “delicious, high-quality pork with healthy fat,” as well as “juicy, sweet and refreshing to the taste.”

Here are the dishes that serve as a testament to the excellence of Odiva Pork crafted by the executive chef of Makati Shangrila, Chan Po Sang:

•  Legendary black Odiva pork platter

•  Stewed Odiva pork belly Hakka style, and marinated jellyfish

•  Double-boiled brazilian mushrooms, Odiva pork tomahawk soup

•  Steamed filet of garoupa with Odiva shredded pork and mushroom

•  Braised Odiva minced pork with king prawn

•  Cantonese roasted duck

•  Odiva pork tomahawk Cantonese style 

•  Odiva pork meatballs with Japanese rice noodles 

Embark on a culinary journey where Odiva Pork meets Shangri-La luxury, offering a dining experience that tantalizes the senses and leaves a lasting impression on the discerning palate.