Crafting bold flavors in local brews

Crazy Carabao recently offered bold brews and bold flavors of craft beers at Odd Seoul 2 in Quezon City.

The event, filled with fun and beer, featured dazzling performances of RuPaul’s Drag Race Philippines Season 2 stars Arizona Brandy, Miss Jade So and Bernie.

The journey of Crazy Carabao began with a group of friends seeking to create a business centered around craft beer.

What started as a casual pursuit gained serious momentum after delving into Sam Calagione’s Dogfish Head craft beer book and a trip to Las Vegas to witness Manny Pacquiao’s iconic fight against Oscar De La Hoya. 

As the saying goes, the rest is history, with a brewery built, beers brewed and drank, and Crazy Carabao established under the visionary leadership of Brad Hannam.

Here are the Crazy Carabao Crafted Beer selections:

Pilsner. This German-inspired lager features a lightly hoppy Bohemian twist.

Toasted malt flavors complement noble hop characters, unveiling floral and spicy herbal notes.

Dry-hopped for a hint of bergamot zest and lemongrass, it’s a Pilsner that promises a delightful experience.

Wheat. Loaded with coriander seeds and a gentle dose of hops, wheat beer offers subtle hints of citrus and clove.

Discover light scents of orange and banana esters in every refreshing sip.

Golden Pale. A light, refreshing ale with a perfect balance of pale malt and Australian hops.

Revel in its fruity and floral tastes and aromas, making it an easy Golden Ale to sit back, relax and enjoy.

Pale Ale. A modern twist on the classic American pale ale style, Pale Ale boasts firm bitterness paired with citrus and pine hops.

The blend with crystal malt creates a bold beer that packs a punch, delivering a unique taste experience.

Indian Pale Ale. For those seeking impact, the IPA offers a meeting of big malt and big hops.

Intense tropical fruit notes from North American hops and sweet British malts lead to a cleansing bitter finish.

Aromatic from dry hopping, IPA is a big boy’s drink, yet remarkably easy to handle.

Newton’s Noggin Apple Cider. Indulge in a light, refreshing semi-sweet cider with a pleasant apple aroma and taste.

Often referred to as an apple champagne due to its light and bubbly nature, Newton’s Noggin is a delicious addition to Crazy Carabao’s diverse lineup.