Cool, comfy yet stylish fashionfor warmer days ahead

PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF UNIQLO tonal looks and attractive combinations for the season.

Cool, comfy yet stylish in complementary outfits, celebrity couple Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli effortlessly embodied the ideals of Uniqlo LifeWear’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection when they, as the global brand’s ambassadors in the Philippines, turned up at the launch on 8 February at the Palacio de Memoria in Parañaque.

In describing her outfit, Sarah enthused that she was wearing an AIRism cotton bra tube, which she considers a personal favorite among the many Uniqlo items she likes, underneath a yellow UV Protection pocketable parka in tandem with a pair of tan wide leg cargo pants.

Matteo then talked about his own outfit, consisting of a khaki Miracle Air jacket over a bluish U crew neck T-shirt and beige cargo pants. He looked so fine that his pop superstar-wife couldn’t help swooning, “Ang guwapo mo, Mahal (You’re so good-looking, Love)!” Applause followed to indicate the audience’s approval not just of the spouses’ kilig moments but also to their fashion choices.

The boxy silhouettes and muted color palette fit.

Sarah shared her thoughts on dressing up, especially during summer: “Number one for me is comfort. Importante na kumportable ako (It’s important that I’m comfortable) with what I’m wearing. When it comes to style, I always choose the classics.”

Her husband concurred, “I think with the classics, you’ll never you go wrong.” She added, “The classics never go out of style.” She also talked about the times they traveled abroad with her donning Uniqlo dresses. “The dresses are very versatile. For a casual day, I would wear the dress with a pair of sandals lang (only) or sneakers para (so that) relaxed lang ang look and also trendy. Ia-add ko lang ng (I’ll just add a) light jacket.”

As for Matteo, he said he usually goes for sports jackets that he can wear from morning for a casual look and to a bit sophisticated outfit in the evening. His wife agreed with the understated sophistication that their Uniqlo wearables provide.

Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo

‘Lightness’ redefined

Uniqlo Philippines’ chief operating officer Geraldine Sia said in her speech at the start of the program that the clothing company’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection has for its theme, “Ease into Lightness.” It showcases “different key items that are a perfect fit for Filipinos’ every need, highlighting our products’ quality materials, colors, textures and styles.”

There are three subthemes that categorize the LifeWear essentials: Lightness in Lifestyle, Lightness in Function and Lightness in Texture. The first category showcases “elevated casuals and urban sport looks with utility bottoms, bratops and cropped tops.” Next, the highlight is on the products’ innovation that is best represented in the house brands AIRism, UV Protection and Miracle Air. Lastly, the focus is on the casual summer styles and premium materials, such as linen, lace and the signature accessories, including the popular round shoulder bag, which now comes in the crocheted variety.

Minimalist style look for summer.

As for Uniqlo’s newest collaboration collections, the Philippine franchise’s vice president for marketing, Georgette Jalasco, gladly shared at the event what to look forward to. For the UT—or Uniqlo T-shirt—brand of graphic tees, there are visually appealing picks from Metal Gear and Naruto, fresh prints from Peanuts and eye-catching pieces from both Disney Vintage and Mini.

She also talked about the four collaborations to get excited about. First off is Uniqlo: C by British designer Clare Waight Keller. Her Spring/Summer collection was inspired by the artistic communities of Lavender Hill in South London, which explains the vivid mix of colors and shapes. The Spring collection will have its Philippine launch on 23 February, while the Summer collection later in April.

The second collaboration is the Uniqlo U collection, as put together by the team of French designer Christophe Lemaire. It’s best described as “minimalist style done with attention to detail with the cuts, colors that are perfect for genderless styling.”

Then there’s the latest collection from J.W. Anderson, which takes “cues from architectural design, incorporating inspiration from the mid-century era.” Saving the best for last is the lineup from French designer Ines de la Fressange. This time, the well-loved fashion line takes inspiration from its maker’s Southern France roots with a mix of Mediterranean landscapes.

Uniqlo Philippines’ executives likewise talked about in their respective speeches the brand’s continuous sustainability efforts. There is, for instance, the Uniqlo Repair Studio, which was launched in October 2023 at Uniqlo Manila Global flagship store in Glorietta 5. It receives customers’ current LifeWear items that are in need of a repair, so those pieces can still be worn for a longer period of time.

But if the Repair Studio finds the pieces to be beyond repair, those items will be turned over to the Re-Uniqlo Box for repurposing. There’s a Re-Uniqlo Box in all branches, so customers can directly deposit their worn LifeWear items for reuse.