Club Bulakeño’s Christmas rodeo party

Club Bulakeño embraced the spirit of the season by hosting a joyful Yuletide Rodeo Party at the North Forbes Park Pavilion in Makati.

The event, orchestrated by club presidents Frank Adriano and Emmy Florentino Gonzalez, exceeded expectations with a remarkable feast.

Emmy crafted a menu that delighted guests, beginning with appetizers, such as Tuna Pate, Liver Pate, special bread, oranges and grapes thoroughly arranged on each table.

Following that, a charcuterie table unfolded, showcasing cold cuts, cheeses, olives, mini empanadas, chicken macaroni and a variety of fruits and nuts.

The feast continued with dishes crafted by Emmy, including pumpkin soup, Caesar salad, baked salmon, chicken relleno, lengua, prawn thermidor, grilled corn, sauteed beans, mashed potatoes, cowboy pasta, adobo flakes, Thai and plain rice.

Dr. Manolo Almelor also shared his famous home-cooked laing. Connie Dy donated a roasted calf and Evelyn Elliott contributed two lechons. Desserts like Blueberry Panna Cotta, Leche Flan and a mango, banana and peaches crepe concluded the meal.

Over 200 guests graced the event. Members and their guests adorned themselves in western attire, setting the stage for a captivating atmosphere. The air resonated with the melodies of the band, taking us on a nostalgic journey to the enchanting era of the Wild West.

The entertainment peaked with a Square dance performed by spirited club members, followed by a soul-stirring performance of Broadway hits and Christmas songs by the talented Florentino clan, drawing heartfelt applause from the entranced audience.

The night’s highlight was the raffle where coveted prizes including exotic getaways, luxurious hotel stays and valuable items generously donated by kind-hearted individuals, added an element of excitement and anticipation.

This memorable event was made possible through the leadership of Frank and Emmy. Congratulations to all members whose support made this celebration a success, creating cherished memories.