City of FirstS exhibit highlights modern arts

Acultural haven that beckons art lovers and inquisitive minds to explore a world of creativity and expression can be found at the center of Araneta City, next to the bustling Gateway 2. The complex’s 2023 Gateway Art Fair is a lively art environment that draws visitors with a variety of avant-garde and provocative pieces of art.

The brand-new Gateway 2 has been an instant destination for those looking for leisure and enjoyment, including dining, shopping and entertainment. It also has a three-day exhibit area devoted to supporting talented artists and celebrating the arts.

The venue serves to present an insight into the various views of artists with varying backgrounds, tastes and perspectives.

As visitors wander through the exhibit, they are greeted by an array of artworks, each conveying a unique narrative and emotional depth. The goal of the exhibition is to inspire creativity in each person and to encourage people to embrace and express their artistic abilities.

The 2023 Gateway display at the Quantum Skyview also highlights the City of Firsts’ dedication to uniqueness and innovation in the arts and crafts. It strengthens the idea that the City of Firsts is a haven for innovation, where many artistic skills may be recognized and honored — by giving both upcoming and experienced artists a platform.