Christmas nights with countless lights

Ayala Land’s Festival of Lights returns this year with an even grander spectacle. 

The festival, named “Christmas Nights with Countless Lights,” has extended its reach to more parts of the Ayala Triangle Gardens and promises a more enchanting Christmas experience for everybody.

From humble beginnings as a light show, it has grown into an amazing show with two new interactive attractions in addition to the timeless light show. 

This year, the Festival of Lights utilizes more areas of the Ayala Triangle Gardens, transforming the space into a sprawling, illuminated wonderland.

Ayala Land Festival of Lights returns this year with an even grander spectacle named ‘Christmas Nights with Countless Lights.’

Wonderland of Lights

The light show, “Kaleidoscope of Sight, Sound and Light,” helmed by Ohm David, is the center of gravity of the celebration.

This show uses interactive floor projections and state-of-the-art “mappable LED lights” to create an illusion of color and light throughout the garden.

Kids and kids at heart will enjoy interactive graphics like Kroma’s (formerly Globe Studios) whimsically animated butterflies.

The three medleys, “Big Band Holiday,” transport viewers to an opulent era with Art Deco-inspired lights and timeless music.

Two captivating medleys, “Paskong Pinoy” and “Cosmic K-Pop Christmas,” feature Filipino Christmas carols and trendy K-pop tunes.

Wish Upon a Light 

Discover “Wish Upon a Light,” a wishing pond at the northern part of the gardens. Using an interactive screen, you can write your wishes and watch them come true on a green wall that is visible to all.

Inspiring partnerships with Arte House, Leeroy New and Illac Diaz are also featured at the festival.

An art installation called “Liter of Light,” which includes “Elemento” by Leeroy New, illuminates the amazing tale of how recycled plastic bottles, water and bleach can provide 55 watts of light to classrooms without electricity.

Starting 2 December, visitors can witness this eco-friendly installation lit up using “solar-powered, recycled water bottles.” 

The Festival of Lights 2023: Christmas Nights with Countless Lights will run until 14 January 2024.