Chic city style

Fashion label Love, Bonito captures the essence of chic city style with its latest collections featuring curated pieces by confident women Coleen Garcia and Kryz Uy.

Exude the big city energy with Kryz’s selection of city girl-friendly styles of cotton, tweeds and pleathers thoughtfully made from materials suitable for multiple wears.

“As a mom, my style has evolved from wearing whatever looks good — even if they ended up being a bother all day — to prioritizing comfort above all else. This collection is all about confidence and grace. From real side pockets and adjustable straps to padded styles, the pieces are all thoughtfully designed to make you feel comfortable and confident,” Kryz said.

Turn your casual look to cool city girl vibes with Azalea Padded Jersey Bodysuit, Jaclyn Pleather Column Maxi Skirt, Kolin Relaxed Tweed Vest, Bethani Rayon Wide Leg Jumpsuit, Veera Cropped Tank Top, Thalie Tailored Wide Leg Pants, Lolly Tailored Tweed Blazer and the Albertha Tweed A-line Skort.

Coleen’s curated looks, meanwhile, exude empowered elegance.

“The pieces are all about styles that make you look put-together with minimal effort — from the blazers to the trousers. I love that you don’t have to think hard to put them together. It’s not very ‘me’ if it requires too much effort. Through the years, I’ve realized that with the right pieces, you can achieve a balance between both comfort and style,” Coleen said.

Suit details with the Sitti Relaxed V-neck Blazer, Gerty Tailored Tie Back Blazer, Sela Tailored Peg Leg Pants, Larsie Tailored Linen Cropped Shirt, Paula Pleather A-line Shorts, Bradie Denim Flare Jeans, Wyatt Cotton Oversized Button-Down Shirt and Zenith Batwing Knit Cardigan.

The Love, Bonito x Kryz Uy curated collection is now available online while the Love, Bonito x Coleen Garcia curated collection is available online starting 11 September.