Changing lives through direct selling

In an ambitious move to enrich lives and promote financial success and well-being, renowned inspirational speaker Francis Kong is joined by Kevin Guest, executive chairman of the Board of USANA Health Sciences, and Cherry Ampig, general manager of USANA Philippines, to empower the Filipino people through direct selling.

“Road to 1M” conference held at Makati Shangri-La, USANA Philippines underscored its commitment to meet the challenge set by its parent company, USANA Health Sciences Inc., to reach one million active families worldwide. The strategy involves offering support to Filipinos through direct selling, paving the way to financial prosperity and a health-conscious lifestyle.

USANA brand ambassador and business speaker Francis Kong.


Guest emphasized, “The responsibility of reaching one million families rests not only on me but on every single member of the company and on each of our distributors worldwide. Dedication and collaboration are necessary to nurture the healthiest family on earth, both physically and mentally.”

As USANA Philippines approaches its 15th anniversary in the country, Ampig expressed confidence that the brand is ready to take on the challenge. She said, “Throughout USANA’s 15-year tenure in the country, we’ve relentlessly worked toward becoming the top local provider of vitamins and dietary supplements. Our success is a result of rigorous efforts in creating relevant programs and offering exceptional incentives while prioritizing the well-being of our direct sellers. With the right motivation, I believe USANA Philippines can rise to this challenge.”

USANA executive chairman Kevin Guest.


To highlight the importance of USANA’s role in the local direct selling landscape, Kong, a prominent business leader and USANA ambassador to the Philippines, highlighted the transformative potential of selling USANA products. He stressed that this experience allows for personal growth and discovery and has a profound impact on the lives of distributors, especially aspiring young entrepreneurs. One will gain real insight into running a serious business and develop the necessary character traits for success.

USANA Philippines general manager Cherry Ampig.


“USANA is a legal, legitimate and robust business that provides budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to discover aspects of themselves and achieve success in their direct selling journey,” Francis stated.

He added, “It’s a remarkable avenue for entrepreneurship, offering training and character development that ultimately contributes to personal growth.”