Celebrity lawyer advises client to sue maligner

Celebrity lawyer Joji Alonso, who usually advises her clients not to file lawsuits against their spouses, broke her belief in “forging peaceful co-existence”. This time, she is inclined to advise one of her showbiz clients to file charges against someone who is spreading false information about her client on social media.

“(S)omeone writes a story filled with lies and decides to make it a ‘pinned post’, with no intention other than discrediting and maligning said client,” Alonso posted on Facebook.

“This someone must be sued and take accountability,” the celebrity lawyer stressed.

Although, Alonso didn’t mention any name; however, some netizens were quick to connect her online statement to the ongoing issue between estranged showbiz couple Jason Hernandez and Moira Dela Torre.

The issue was further exacerbated by some individuals close to the couple who joined the fray.

Songwriter-composer Lolito Go, in his Facebook post titled “Breaking my silence about the Jason-Moira breakup”, wrote some controversial “revelations” against Dela Torre.

“Yes, nagkasala sya. Pero walang third party on Jason’s side. He never fell in love with anyone else. His only sin was he listened to the call of flesh and availed of illicit massage service because Moira couldn’t fulfill his sexual needs,” Go said in his lengthy post.

“And even before Jason confessed to his sin, Moira already wanted out. Dahil nakahanap na rin sya ng pamalit. Someone who will ‘dance in the rain’ with her and call her ‘binibini’. I’ll leave it to you to guess sino ang tinutukoy ko,” the songwriter added.

Meanwhile, Cornerstone Management vice president Jeff Vadillo came to the side of Dela Torre and addressed the Facebook post of Go. In concluding his online statement, Vadillo asked Go to stop maligning Dela Torre. Along with his statement, he reposted Atty. Alonso’s Facebook post.