Can you be in two places at the same time?

“Is it possible for a person to be in two places at the same time?” asked a teacher from Bulacan. “My two students (A and B) told me they met their classmate (C) at around 4:30 p.m. inside the campus and asked her casually what was inside the plastic bag she was carrying. C answered, “Sapatos.” After five minutes, they met C again near the gate going in the same direction, carrying the same bag. For fun, A and B asked C again what was inside the plastic bag, and the latter answered, “Sapatos.” A and B expected C to be irritated for being asked the same question twice, but C was not. A and B then realized that C had, in fact, just arrived and had just alighted from the jeep at the very moment. Therefore, it was not C whom they first met. Who could it be? How could she be in the campus earlier when she was still in the jeep at that time?”

The phenomenon of being in two places at the same time is not really impossible or uncommon. The Catholic Church has numerous documented cases of bilocation by saints and religious people.

One remarkable local case of bilocation happened in 1982 to a factory worker of a large rubber shoe manufacturing company in Quezon City, which was witnessed by no less than six other employees, including the worker’s supervisor.

Vivian Torres (not her real name) was a young audit clerk in Plant IV of the factory. One Monday morning, the plant manager brought Vivian to my office, crying uncontrollably. Upon questioning, I learned that the previous Saturday, she was absent from work because she was not feeling well. She never left her house. But when she reported for work, no less than six employees, including her supervisor, saw her in the factory. Nobody noticed anything unusual about her behavior. Upon hearing the testimonies of her co-employees, Vivian began to panic because she heard it meant she was about to die.

The phenomenon of being in two places at the same time is not really impossible or uncommon.

She stopped crying only after I explained to her the astral body and how the phenomenon of bilocation happens. I told her that what her co-employees saw was her astral body, while her physical body was at home.

The astral body of an individual can detach itself from the physical body during sleep, in periods of stress or when the physical body is ill. The astral body is the counterpart of the physical body which is called a Doppelganger in German. The astral body will always return to its physical body, which is connected through an elastic astral cord (called the silvercord). Death occurs only when the astral cord is broken, and this cannot happen during an astral projection.

Bilocation is often confused with teleportation. In teleportation, the physical body of the person located at point A disappears completely, and at the same time, appears at point B, which can be miles away from each other.

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