Cake walk

There were those who walked, garbed, unabashedly, in drag to channel the comfort of a pillow; some in splendid latex, others polyurethane — carried by the biggest in local drag: Hana Beshy, Malilduh, Prince.

The show was meant to illustrate a point.

The performance artists did not pick up the cudgels against plastic or demonstrate how a piece-of-the world’s-flotsam-turned-designer -clothing can abet one’s show-off, marry-a-millionaire look.

The night rather unfurled the latest in comfort technology, all meticulously designed to give the wearer’s nimble footwork a little pampering.

Aldo leads the creation of new desire lines in shoe tech by expanding its Pillow Walk line not just with more assortments for men, but improved function to totally eliminate the perennial problem about leather footwear: break-in time.

A double layer of foam (latex and polyutherane) makes for a high rebound and cushion benefits, placed proper at the ball and heel of the foot, the insole embossed tight to secure the cushion and provide a visual identifier for the technology.