‘Brigada sa Eskwela:’A story book on ‘bayanihan’

‘BRIGADA sa Eskwela’ book. | PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF Jan Lemer Lindayag

Brigada Eskwela is the heart of the Adopt-a-School Program that promotes and encourages volunteerism and bayanihan (communal unity) of public-private partnership in public education.

This program is part of the National School Maintenance Week that ensures a clean, safe, inclusive, and child-friendly learning environment. Aiming to improve school facilities for the learners and teachers, it is implemented two weeks before the opening of classes.

The spirit of volunteerism is observed among internal and external stakeholders as they unite in providing the needs of the learners and schools through cleaning, repairing, repainting, gardening, and others.

In preparation for the implementation of the said activity, the Schools Division Office of Valenzuela City through Social Mobilization and Networking Section of School Governance and Operations Division will launch the story book Brigada sa Eskwela. It is an advocacy campaign material for Brigada Eskwela 2024 that targets to increase community awareness and involvement of bayanihan and volunteerism in every public school.

Brigada sa Eskwela likewise informs and encourages learners, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders to take part in the campaign. The book may also serve as a supplementary material for the reading program that enhances the comprehension skills of the learners and develops genuine love for reading.

In the past decade, the common platforms of Brigada advocacies are promotional videos, jingle, posters, brochures, letters, tarpaulins, and infographics. Brigada sa Eskwela hopes to inspire parents in helping their children to positively view literacy and build a positive attitude towards bayanihan sa paaralan. Cultivating the culture of goodwill and volunteerism from family to society might be a win-win situation for both learners and communities. It provides them a sense of purpose and develop important life skills.

Moreover, Brigada sa Eskwela connects the school with the stakeholders to build a strong partnership in dealing with Adopt-a-School Program (R.A. 8525). In the implementation of the campaign, public-private partnership makes an essential role as they impart a foundation of success. Collaboratively, partnership can leverage the strengths and resources to create a greater impact. This can result in more effective advocacies, programs, services and outcomes for the school community.

Brigada Eskwela may be well known as two-month activities but the lesson of Brigada sa Eskwela bayanihan spirit last for a lifetime.