Birthdays Galore

We’re starting my first article of the year with a bang as it coincides with my most favorite event in the social calendar — my own birthday! And since today’s story falls under my actual birthday, 12 January, let’s keep it on theme and take a look back at some memorable ones from the past year, 2023.

First, let’s shake our groove thing at Louie Ysmael’s 75th party! He’s my hubby’s BFF, so I’m so glad to have partied with Wopsy for this one. 

The birthday boy celebrated at his newly opened club, Stardust, and gathered Manila’s discophiles like the good ol’ days when the party started late and ended early in the morning. Nothing beats the OG! We had the best time reliving the disco era as we celebrated the one and only Louie Ysmael.

Party to the hilt

s still celebrating my own! My last birthday celebration from 2023 — which also doubled as our Thanksgiving birthday party — was hosted by my BFF, Bobby Alvarez Jr. And where else other than at my fave, The Peak at the Grand Hyatt? He knows me too well. I’m so touched by his gesture to pull this off!

With my birthday host Bobby Alvarez.

With some of my friend groups, we enjoyed a night of major partying, drinking and, of course, dancing to the live music ‘til 2 a.m. That’s how we roll, baby! Is there any other way? What a way to cap off my string of birthday parties last year!

Now 2024 begins with a new era of parties. I’m so excited to celebrate with everyone again… and again and again! See you again this year, Party People. Cheers!