Ben&Ben explores longing and loneliness in new single ‘Autumn’

Ben&Ben expresses the loneliness that comes in waves after being apart from your loved one for so long.

Their new single, “Autumn,” out now via Sony Music Entertainment, is about “the distance that people often unintentionally create with their other half, because of the changes that life throws at us.”

The introspective track was written in Canada last year, right smack in the middle of the nine-member band’s North American tour. The band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Paolo Benjamin, felt an aching yearning to be with his significant other, as the long distance proved to be very challenging for both of them.

“A few months later, in early 2023, brother Miguel Benjamin completed the lyrics, also adding a bridge about being in different seasons, which really completed the message of the song,” said the folk-pop collective. “It speaks about themes of loneliness, yearning and, ultimately, hoping against hope that a new season will come.”

“Autumn is a song where we showcase how we’ve evolved and matured as a band. Writing-wise, we felt that the perspective was a more realistic and mature take on the subject. Arrangement and production-wise, we discovered a lot of new ways to express sounds that achieve the emotion we were going for.”

The song is included in a three-part release that Ben&Ben hopes to share in the coming weeks. Aside from “Autumn,” the acclaimed Filipino act will also drop the full-band version of their new track “Courage” in the following week, as well as a special collaboration with another artist due 8 December 2023.