Belle Marianoas Darna, Andrea Brillantes as Valentina: Why not?

New Gen beauties Belle Mariano and Andrea Brillantes stole the limelight at the Halloween extravaganzas Shake, Rattle and Ball and Opulence Ball 2023, respectively.

Mariano came in as a fetching Darna, the enduring Filipino superheroine, for the Shake, Rattle and Ball event, while Brillantes dressed up as Darna’s alluring nemesis Valentina for the Opulence Ball 2023.

The online frenzy from fans was summed up in one comment: “Go Belle Mariano as Darna and Andrea as Valentina, a perfect match!” Another called it a “perfect combination.”

Mariano’s IG post showing her in fierce Darna costume came with the caption “Ding, ang bato.” To which fellow stars like Chie Filomeno, Vernie Enciso, Ella Pangilinan and Leonor, the mother of Iza Calzado who played Darna in the recent TV series, all gave their enthusiastic approval.

“I can see it! Alagaan mo ang bato,” said Leonor.

Brillantes, meanwhile, was a sight to behold at the Opulence Ball 2023 with an actual snake gracefully draped around her body. The
jaw-dropping get-up took inspiration from the biblical figure Lilith, known as Adam’s first wife, who was cast out of the Garden of Eden for her refusal to submit to him.

Now fans are abuzz over the intriguing possibility of Mariano and Brillantes pairing up and playing such characters in a new Darna movie or TV series.

Such a face-off, though, may wait for a while as both stars are currently busy with other projects — Mariano gracing screens in Can’t Buy Me Love and Brillantes topbilling the hit TV drama Senior High.