Beauty products backed by health and science

It is important to find beauty products and wellness supplements that are scientifically proven to be safe, effective and suited for your specific needs.

Backed by health and science, Filipino personal care company UL Skin Sciences, Inc. offers products that empower lives through beauty and fitness solutions — carefully tested and researched to ensure its quality.

All components of ULSSI products are listed down in their packaging as part of the company’s commitment to transparency.

The company also conducts clinical and safety studies to ensure that its products deliver their promised claims and benefits.

It adopts both pharmacovigilance and cosmetovigilance systems to monitor and document any possible adverse reaction to its products.

“We are proud to be a local company with roots deeply embedded in the Philippines.

This gives us an intimate understanding of our people’s unique needs, and we constantly innovate to meet those needs with products you can trust.

Every day is a grind for us — doing extensive research and testing to better improve our formulas and come up with new products for every type of Filipina skin,” said Kathryn Carag, division vice president and head of ULSSI marketing.

Under the ULSSI range of personal care products are legacy brands in their respective categories, including hand and body lotion, facial moisturizers, facial wash, soap and intimate care products.

Read below for DAILY TRIBUNE’s insightful conversation with Carag.

DAILY TRIBUNE (DT): How has UL Skin Sciences grown over the years? Through the pandemic?

Kathryn Carag (KC): I think for all companies or brands in the beauty industry, the use of the products declined during the pandemic. Prior to that, we were doing really well. When the pandemic happened, the need for beauty went down. First of all, health was our primary concern and then, number two, people were wearing masks.

When we talk about beauty, it’s not just ‘I’m beautiful’ but rather ‘I look neat and nice enough that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.’ We already recovered from the pandemic. It helps that ULSSI products are very broad. We have items that are moisturizing, toning, etc. We have ingestibles like Myra Fortima that provide health and immunity. ULSSI has acne products that were developed during the pandemic since people wore masks. We were able to address the needs of Filipinos.

DT: What is ULSSI’s edge from its competitors?

KC: We are a company that is backed by health and science. Our legacy and heritage come from the Unilab which is really the primary brand when it comes to looking after the health of the Filipino. We wanted to make sure that that legacy is something that we bring in when caring for concerns of the Filipinos.

DT: What beauty and wellness solutions do your brands currently offer to the market?

KC: We have quite a number of popular brands such as Myra. Our banner product is the Myra 400 E that helps give glowing skin. There’s also the Myra Ultimate, which is an anti-aging supplement.

ULSSI also has Celeteque, a brand that has become quite popular for those who are looking for derma-based skin care. We have PH Care, the leading feminine wash brand, and many other products like GynePro, an antiseptic feminine wash and Fortima that helps give immunity to your skin. Lactezin is an anti-acne supplement; we have quite a number of that.

DT: What are the latest beauty trends to watch out for? 

KC: One thing that I would like to mention is the environmental concerns that affect the skin. The sun is really a lot harsher now than it was years ago. We want to make sure consumers use SPF for what we call the blue light from the use of technology. A good SPF protection helps lessen environmental stresses, whether external or internal. That is one trend to watch out for.

DT: Any milestones or plans for the coming year?

KC: Aside from our well-known brands, we have launched the DirtBugSun. It is an anti-mosquito lotion that is deet-free, meaning it is not harmful to the skin. Number two is our first anti-mosquito with SPF. Third is our anti-germs protection that is 99.9 percent antibacterial for kids. We launched Equiva, a clean beauty line currently available at Watsons. We are looking at continuing to expand our Celeteque products as well.