Ayaw ko n’yan: Kris Aquino asks fan to change IG name

Nothing escapes the eagle eyes of Queen of Talk Kris Aquino. 

In a recent post where Aquino greeted colleague and friend Boy Abunda on his birthday, one fan
expressed admiration for Aquino who’s been in the US undergoing treatment for her immune condition.

“Your unwavering courage and strength inspires a lot of people including me. Laban lang po, Madam. You deserve all the love, concern, and prayers. We love love love you!,” said the fan.

The fan’s Instagram username? kris.aquino14. The account’s profile picture was also that of Aquino.

That was too close for comfort for the actress, who gently suggested that the fan change his or her profile name to something less similar.

@kris.aquino14, may I ask that you please change your user name to something super not like mine? Suggestions names I really like [are] Lilac, Amethyst, Lavender, and Pink. Bailey’s also good,” Aquino replied.

The fan was apparently a good sport, because he/she answered, “Sure, Madam and Thank you. Your suggestions are very much appreciated,” then promptly changed the account’s name
to kris.amethyst14.

kim Chiu(Photograph courtesy of IG/KIM CHIU )

Kim Chiu’s infamous ‘Linlang’ character

Kim Chiu’s Juliana character in Linlang has caught the collective eye of the public as she gets entangled with two brothers played by JM de Guzman and Paolo Avelino.

Chiu’s character is being called many names — a harlot, a homewrecker, a maniac.

We asked Chiu if there is a good side to her infamous character.

 “May good naman. Si Juliana naman ay isang mabuting ina. Gagawin niya talaga lahat para sa anak niya. Nagsasakripisyo siya para sa anak niya (She has a good side. Juliana is a good mother. She will do anything for her daughter.  She makes sacrifices for her daughter),” she said.

What she is a failure at, said the actress, is that she makes wrong decisions in her life.

Ang hindi lang maganda sa kanya is hindi lang siya magaling gumawa ng desisyon at diskarte sa buhay. ‘Yun lang talaga ‘yung mali sa kanya. Pero ang desisyon at diskarte, ang undertone niya roon ay pagmamahal… Hindi siya marunong magdesisyon at hindi siya marunong makuntento sa buhay, pero mabuti siyang nanay (What’s not nice about her is that she is not adept in making decisions and strategizing in life. That’s what’s wrong with her.  But the undertone of all that is love. She doesn’t know how to make decisions and be contented in life, but she is a good mom).”

Rica Peralejo and family dressed up for Halloween 2023.(Photograph courtesy of ig/Rica Peralejo )

Rica Peralejo’s Halloween problem

Former actress and vlogger Rica Peralejo caught the collective ire of some netizens after she posted a photo of her family in Halloween costumes.

Some commenters said that as professed Christians, Peralejo and her family should refrain from joining any Halloween activity. 

‘(As) a Pastor you should be the first in line in discouraging these kinds of things… to enlighten them what really is about Halloween. kahit pa ung intention mo is just for fun lang, dapat ang unang inisip mo is ma-go-glorify ko ba si God if gagawin namin ito? (Even if your intention is just for fun, what you should think about is whether God will be glorified with what you will do). Always remember that, all the things we do should glorify God!”

A seemingly unbothered Peralejo pushed back with a sensible reply: “If you mean halloween to be demonic practices and evil stuff ofc no one should. But if by halloween we mean a big costume (party) with treats for kids, like a whole day candy affair, then I don’t see why not.”