Ayala Malls Greenbelt presents grand return of Paella Gigante

Ayala Malls Greenbelt, in collaboration with Sociedad Española de Beneficencia (SEB) and esteemed partners, announces the triumphant return of Paella Gigante on 16 March 2024. The stage is set for an exhilarating evening celebrating the fusion of cultures through tantalizing flavors, rhythmic dances, and heartwarming community spirit.

As the clock strikes 4:00 p.m. at Greenbelt 3 Park, a night of culinary delights and cultural spectacle will unfold. Live cooking demonstrations, Spanish performances, a photo booth, exquisite wines, and a diverse array of vendors transform the venue into more than just an event; it becomes a feast for the senses!

The Return of a Culinary Legacy

SEB, established in 1948, is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of elderly individuals, both Spanish and Filipino. In 2012, Paella Gigante emerged as a joint initiative by SEB, Ayala Malls Greenbelt, and LTB Philippines Chef Association. The project serves as a fundraising endeavor to provide essential support, including shelter, medical assistance, counseling, hospitalization, and interment aid.

Despite a hiatus in the annual event from 2020 through 2023 due to the pandemic, the pause only fueled the determination to make a triumphant return in 2024. Paella Gigante returns as more than a culinary spectacle, it is a celebration of culture, compassion, and community.

Guests are invited to embark on a cultural journey with a paso doble and sevillanas dance showcase, a Spanish drum circle encouraging free-spirited dancing, and the passion and energy of traditional Flamenco dance performances by skilled Flamenco dancers. Gain insights into the art of crafting the perfect paella with a fascinating demonstration led by renowned chefs.

In the spirit of elevating every moment, partners play a crucial role. LTB Philippines Chefs Association, the premier chefs association in the Philippines, brings their culinary expertise to create Manila’s biggest paella, while La Cámara Oficial Española de Comercio, Industria y Navegación, and other sponsors provide essential ingredients and support. It’s a collaborative effort, and together, a magical celebration unfolds.

La Camara, with 185 chambers in 45 countries, continues its unwavering commitment to promoting trade relations between Spain and the Philippines. Notably, 2024 marks the 125th year of La Camara’s impactful mission, evolving and adapting to remain relevant.

SEB’s commitment extends to supporting various beneficiaries, including elderly individuals, religious communities, and foundations such as Kalipay Negrense, Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly, Makabata School Foundation, and Siervas de Jesus de la Caridad.

Tickets for Paella Gigante are now available for purchase at the Greenbelt Cinema 3 Ticket Booth, priced at P500. All proceeds from ticket sales will contribute to supporting the programs of Sociedad Española de Beneficencia.