ATEEZ enthralls Manila fans  with araneta concert

It was a “bouncy” and full of “break the walls” Saturday night at the Araneta Coliseum as the globally acclaimed K-pop boy group, ATEEZ, graced the stage for its highly anticipated concert, “The Fellowship: Break The Wall” last 16 September.

This concert wrapped up the group’s tour, which had captivated audiences all around the world for the previous year and marked its return to the Philippines following a remarkable performance in September 2022.

The event was organized by Wilbros Live, known for bringing international sensations to the country.

Diehard fans, known as ATINYs, eagerly awaited the arrival of the seven ATEEZ members, namely, Wooyoung, San, Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Mingi, Yeosang and Yunho. However, Jongho was regrettably absent due to a recent leg injury, a fact shared with the audience by the organizers before the show commenced.

K-POP boy group ATEEZ.

Despite Jongho’s absence, ATEEZ entered the stage with unmatched vigor and dazzled the audience with impressive performances right away. The talented performers’ energetic acts of hit songs like “Say My Name,” “MIST,” “HORIZON” and “THANXX” made Filipino ATINYs more ecstatic and euphoric. The group had the entire crowd singing along to their viral sensation, “Bouncy.”

Reminiscing about their last performance in the Philippines at the “K-Pop Masterz EP. 2” event last year, ATEEZ thanked its Filipino fans and promised to return in the future with an even more spectacular performance.

“This is our second time here, but to be honest, I feel like this is hotter than before. We will make sure to come back with great performances next time,” Mingi shared.

Wooyoung assured the fans that they will come back with Jongho.

“It’s an honor we got to end our ‘Break the Wall’ tour here in the Philippines. I hope everyone can get home safely. I hope for the next tour we meet each other happily and healthy. We’ll come back as eight members so let’s meet again,” he said.

Following its debut with the EP Treasure EP. 1 All to Zero, ATEEZ, under KQ Entertainment, continues to enthrall audiences around the globe with its music and stage performance.