Anne Curtis  moved to tears by ‘Mini Ms. U’


The Multimedia Superstar Anne Curtis-Smith was brought to tears by a touching interaction with a young contestant during an impromptu segment on the popular noontime show It’s Showtime on 3 July. The poignant scene also won over the “madlang people.”

The Filipina-Australian actress, who is a doting mother of three-year-old Dahlia Amelie, took to twitter and expressed her admiration for the child.

“Genuinely kind and pure soul,” she described the young contestant in her tweet.

Curtis-Smith continued to shower praises, acknowledging the parents of the child for instilling such beautiful values in her.

She said that if more people possessed the kindness and purity demonstrated by the young contestant, the world would be free from hatred and harmful words.

“Imagine if we were all like this. No hatred or harmful words would exist,” the television host stated.

The remarkable contestant who sparked this emotional response from Anne was Annika Co, a seven-year-old hopeful from Muntinlupa City.

Annika initially impressed both the hosts and the audience with her impressive singing talent. However, it was her spontaneous acting skills that left the studio cheering and Anne in tears.

Annika took on the character of Vice Ganda’s best friend during an on-the-spot acting performance with the well-known comedian.

Their characters were getting ready to sing a duet on stage in the skit, when Vice Ganda started to get nervous right before the performance.

She comforted Vice Ganda’s character by saying, “Who cares if the others don’t like you? I like you and everybody else does. What matters is somebody still likes you. If some people don’t like you, then it’s fine. What’s important is someone still likes you.”

Annika also reminded Vice Ganda, “You shouldn’t be worrying about if you’ll be the best in the world. You have to be the best version of yourself.”

Anne could be observed clapping along with the “madlang people” during this moving scene as Annika spoke her words.

Anne cries caught Vice Ganda’s attention, and said, “Naiyak ako kasi (I was moved because) it was so pure na parang (that) if everyone could be as kind as this child, wala nang (there would be no) hatred sa mundo (in the world). It was so innocent and pure. So beautiful.”

Annika Co ultimately won the daily title of “Mini Ms. U,” beating out two other competitors and making an impression on the audience.

Recently, It’s Showtime! achieved a historic milestone on Philippine television when it made its formal premiere on the GTV Channel, a joint venture of ABS-CBN and GMA. The program is still being shown on a number of channels, such as Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, GTV, A2Z, iWantTFC and TFC.