Andi on late mom Jaclyn loving her vlog: ‘She’s been my biggest fan’


Andi Eigenmann got emotional in her latest vlog, which she made a little over a month after the untimely passing of her mother, the esteemed actress Jaclyn Jose (real name: Mary Jane Guck).

She said Jose loved watching the vlogs that also feature her own family in Siargao Island, thus naming their YouTube channel Happy Islanders.

In an episode uploaded on 3 April, Eigenmann remarked that Happy Islanders kept her mother updated on her life since she decided to settle in Siargao with her-now fiancé Philmar Alipayo. The couple raise their two children, Lilo and Koa, while Eigenmann co-parents her eldest child Ellie with Ellie’s father Jake Ejercito.

“She has always been the biggest Happy Islanders fan,” Eigenmann said of Jose, whom she calls Nanay, at the beginning of the vlog.

The semi-retired actress also shared that she saw something heart-wrenching upon accessing her mother’s phone.

“When I checked her phone, we saw that on her YouTube channel, the last video she watched was our last Happy Islanders video,” Eigenmann said, crying.

She then emphasized that despite the struggles she’s currently experiencing, she still chooses to focus on the good things and makes the most out of the time with her family.

“Losing my Nanay at such an unexpected time proves you don’t know what tomorrow brings,” she pointed out.

In the latter part of the vlog, Eigenmann introduced to her audience her younger brother, Gwen Guck. Eigenmann and Guck share a mother but have different fathers: the late actor Mark Gil and musician Kenneth Ilagan, respectively.

Eigenmann said in the vlog titled “Coming home to Siargao & touring with my little brother!” that Guck is already based in the States as he is attending college there. Guck only came home to pay his last respects to their late mother.