Andi Eigenmann grateful for ‘wonderful experience’ in joining surf competition

Andi Eigenmann takes her island life to the next level by engaging in Mayor Sol’s 1st Local Surf Comp for women.

The celebrity mom shared her wonderful experience alongside her photos in action and wrote, “The only L’s we take are Learnings!”.

“It was @chepoxz that signed me up for Mayor Sol’s 1st Local Surf Comp for women and I got all nervous and jittery BUT it was a wonderful experience! And it awakened a bone in my body that made me realise that it’s not too late to believe in myself and start pushing towards applying my life’s motto into this sport: be the best version of yourself that you can be! i’ve been surfing for the fun of it, but nakakahawa ang hardworking and dedicated persona ni papa! More importantly it means the world to me that he believes in me!”, she added.

This milestone of hers encourages Eigenmann to strive more to be the best version of herself.