All is well with Catriona and MUO owner

Miss Universe Organization owner Anne Jakrajutatip said she has since patched things up with Filipina 2018 winner Catriona Gray after their interaction last year that went viral.

In her interview with Boy Abunda, Jakrajutatip said she has apologized to Gray “for whatever happened in the past.”

The Thai billionaire, who is also a transwoman, recalled her conversation with Gray: “I said, ‘I’m Anne Jakrajutatip, and I came here to apologize for what happened in the past, but I’m so glad that you’re here in Thailand. Welcome to the family of JKN and Miss Universe Organization. I love you, my dear, from the bottom of my heart.”’

When Abunda asked what was the issue between them, Jakrajutatip replied, “Of course, I do not have to answer.”

Jakrajutatip is reportedly dating Gray’s ex-boyfriend Clint Bondad. Their online skirmish allegedly stemmed from her siding with Bondad over his social media remarks against Gray and current flame Sam Milby.