Aga Muhlach learns the hard way

Life for Aga Muhlach during his younger years was not a walk in the park. During his and his wife Charlene Gonzalez’s interview with journalist Karen Davila, the actor revealed that he once experienced how to be looked down on by fellow artists in the industry while experiencing difficulties in life.

Muhlach started his showbiz career quite at a young age and he admitted that fame came to his head. After his first movie “Bagets” became a hit, he started to get lost in an instant.

At 14, he left his parent’s house and rented his own place to live solo thinking life was just all about that until eventually he realized being famous did not equate to being rich.

He reached a point when he had no money to the extent that he got kicked out of his place for not being able to pay his rent and bills.

He was at his lowest and instead of helping hands, there were fellow actors who mistreated him.

This became his life’s turning point as he vowed not to do the same to anyone whom he get to work with in the industry once he gets back on his feet.

“Kaya sabi ko, ‘pag sumikat ako talaga ulit, never jong gagawin ‘yun talaga. Kaya I’ve always been the kindest to any artist na nakakasama ko– bago, matanda. I learned from that kasi nakita ko ‘yung sakit nung ginawa sakin’yung nasa baba ka na, aapakan ka pa.”, the actor narrated.

After learning his lessons the hard way, Muchlach was given another straw to make things right and rose to fame again.

He was able to star in various sitcoms, television series, and movies including “Oki Doki Doc”, “Basta’t Kasama Kita”, “Dubai”, “Pinoy Boyband Superstar”, and many more.