Achieving sustainable luxury

City of Dreams Manila aligns its environment, social and governance efforts with the “Rise to go Above and Beyond” sustainability strategy of its parent company Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited. 

Across all Melco properties in Asia and Europe, Melco chairman and chief executive officer Lawrence Ho drives the sustainability strategy, which outlines ambitious environmental goals including achieving carbon neutral and zero-waste resorts by 2030. 

With the aim to inspire guests that a sustainable future is a better future, Melco is committed to restore, inspire, sustain and empower the planet, people and communities.

Sustainability is woven with luxury at COD, with the property president Geoff Andres leading the green efforts being implemented across the 6.2-hectare haven of innovative lifestyle, world-class hospitality and diverse entertainment. 

For seamlessly integrating sustainability in guests’ experience, COD has been conferred with various recognitions, including the Forbes Travel Guide, the globally recognized rating system for luxury hotels, restaurants and spas, that named COD in 2023 one of three finalists among many  global entries in the Responsible Hospitality Award, for its outstanding level of commitment to sustainable practices at the luxury level.

Among COD’s sustainability initiatives is the implementation of energy efficiency measures such as the use of LED bulbs to light the property; installation of an e-bike charging station for colleagues to encourage them on the use of sustainable transportation;  a  reduction of 11.6 million single-use plastic bottles, plastic wet amenities and plastic consumables across hotel rooms, casino floors, spas and gyms, diverting them all away from landfills; and installation of a vermicomposting facility and herb garden which results to a circular and regenerative system.