A toast to Danish, Filipino food

Skal: A Danish-Filipino Food Diplomacy campaign celebrated the food culture and the gastronomic heritage of Denmark while fostering stronger ties with the Filipino food scene.

Organized by the Royal Danish Embassy Manila, the campaign highlighted Denmark’s strongholds in the food sector. The initiative helped brought Danish and Filipino cultures closer together through culinary exchange, showcasing Denmark’s unique food traditions, innovative techniques, and sustainable practices.

“We were proud to showcase how innovative cooking connects the Philippines and Denmark, and we are happy for all the positive feedback. The fusion between kitchens is bringing our peoples together in new and surprising ways. And the journey is only starting,” said Ambassador Franz-Michael Dan-Dan Mellbin.

Denmark has long been recognized for its exceptional food industry, renowned for its high regard for collaboration, quality and safety, and innovation. Danish companies, such as Arla and Novozymes, bring these hallmarks of the Danish food cluster to their commercial activities here in the Philippines.

Among those leading the promotion of these Danish strongholds is Food Nation Denmark—a public-private partnership creating awareness on Danish food solutions to accelerate the growth of international businesses in this sector.

Throughout the food diplomacy campaign, Denmark’s rich gastronomy took centerstage.

Mme. Eva Fischer-Mellbin showcased classic Danish recipes and infused them with a Filipino twist. She experimented with various versions of Danish open-faced sandwiches (smørrebrød), Shooting Star (stjerneskud), and red berry compote (rødgrød med fløde), a popular Danish delicacy and tongue twister at the same time. The campaign also featured Brian Hansen, winner of the prestigious Bocuse d’Or 2023 title, and Geoffrey Canilao, the founder of Balderdash in Copenhagen.

Bridging the connection between Danish and Filipino food, the Embassy staff also tried snacks from Denmark and the Philippines—from flæskesvær and chicharon, to Danish butter cookies and polvoron.

Denmark’s commitment to environment-friendly and socially responsible food production has made it a global leader in sustainability.

Amplifying this advocacy here in the Philippines, Ambassador Dan-Dan and Mme. Eva had the opportunity to join Scholars of Sustenance Philippines in a food and kitchen rescue mission in underserved communities in Sampaloc and Tondo in Manila.