A taste of Remy Martin

REMY Martin cognacs — VSOP, XO and 1738 Accord Royal.


Leave it to Remy Martin, the renowned French spirits house, to create a memorable dining experience highlighting the versatility of some of its finest cognacs — VSOP, 1738 Accord Royal and XO — not only as a classy, elegant drink for fancy occasions but also a perfect food enhancer to any meal.

Remy Martin’s VSOP has the ideal balance of potent and delicate mouth feel, while the 1738 Accord Royal is noted for its distinctive blend of oaky smoothness and remarkable fruity flavor. The famous XO boasts a fully fragrant taste that lets you experience opulence at its fullest.

Rémy Martin recently partnered with chef extraordinaire Cyrille Soenen at the posh Antonio’s PGA Cars to create a variety of delectable dishes paired with the brand’s exquisite cognacs.

“By bringing together the craftsmanship of Rémy Martin and chef Soenen’s world-class culinary expertise, we aim to demonstrate how cognacs can elevate one’s overall dining experience,” said Myke Soon, country brand lead of Rémy Cointreau Philippines.

The special menu was exclusively curated with each dish complementing the distinct notes and characteristics of Rémy Martin cognacs, creating a harmonious and unforgettable tasting experience. This collaboration, said Soon, is in line with the brand’s initiatives focusing on the extraordinary fusion of creativity, gastronomy and eco-consciousness.

“It was a delightful experience to explore dishes infused with Rémy Martin’s cognacs,” said Soenen, partner and executive chef of Antonio’s PGA. “You can actually pair cognacs with any kind of food you have in mind. Here, as a creative chef, we can also infuse premium drinks to our food to further boost the flavor. We incorporate it either in the sauce or in marinated meats.”

CHILEAN Sea Bass Confit


DARK Chocolate Clafoutis.


Food and wine pairing

The bold, roundness and silky mouthfeel of Remy Martin VSOP was the perfect complement for red meat especially for Soenen’s appetizer — the Dry Aged US Beef Tenderloin with dijonnaise sauce (a combo of mayo-based aioli with Dijon mustard) fused with a hint of Remy Martin VSOP for a more pronounced taste.

“The 15-day dry-aged beef tenderloin was prepared the carpaccio way,” explained Soenen. “I also mixed the dijonnaise sauce with the VSOP cognac to add some kick.”

Clean, round and creamy, with an elegant dry finish, Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal was a versatile dinner companion for the freshest and delicate white fish like the Chilean Sea Bass Confit. The light fish blended delightfully with the mild and subtle taste and the soft, pillowy texture of gnocchi (Italian dumpling), infused with French beurre blanc sauce with a hint of Remy Martin of 1738 Accord Rogal that amazingly added new dimensions in flavor.

The undeniably smooth, full-bodied and heady finish of Remy Martin XO was also a delicious complement to meaty and earthy Lamb Shoulder Confit — presented like the popular Moroccan lamb tajin – served with a rich sous vide adlai risotto with dry fruit lemon confit mixed with the robust Remy Martin XO on the side. The tender, juicy taste of the lamb was good in itself but it got further heightened with Antonio’s homemade seasoning. The crunchy onions and parmesan cheese offered additional texture and lush to the overall taste profile.

To cap off the meal was the Dark Chocolate Clafoutis (French batter pudding). The 64-percent Davao’s Auro dark chocolate and the fresh carabao’s milk paired with fresh cherries delicately soaked in cointreau and vanilla bean chantilly yielded to a long, satisfying finish.

“We are honored to have collaborated with chef Soenen, whose mastery of gastronomy perfectly complemented Rémy Martin cognacs. His artistry combined with Remy Martin’s spirits created a symphony on the palate that embodied excellence,” Soon concluded.

To learn more about Rémy Martin and its products, visit www.remymartin.com.