A place of bliss and blossoms

A glimpse into farm living. Property owners will get to experience what it’s like to harvest fresh produce within their backyard.

Out of the busy city and into the gentle countryside. 

Sta. Lucia Land’s La Huerta Farms and Residences offers a scenic neighborhood in Calamba, Laguna, where one can enjoy not only a laidback community away from the hustle and bustle of the metro but also where one could also discover a significant investment and the ideal home everyone dreams of.

A first in its diverse portfolio of property developments, La Huerta is one of Sta. Lucia land’s most noteworthy projects as it is one of the few property developments in the local markets that allow owners to bask in the beauty of nature while introducing the unique concept of farm living at the same time. 

With La Huerta Farms and Residences, property owners can look forward to a refreshing home where they can be recharged in the calm indulgence of its picturesque location. The sweeping scenery of Mount Makiling and the alluring landscapes that serve as the perfect backdrop to a prime property equipped with the promising functionality of a thriving lifestyle.

Set in Barangay Bubuyan, Calamba Laguna, this 50-hectare property allows residents to enjoy the radiance and solitude of the countryside while also providing accessibility to major roads and highways going to the metro.

“The refreshing ambiance and the views are definitely some of the key reasons why farm living is attractive. When property owners settle in La Huerta, they do not have to inconvenience themselves to take on a certain distance just to get a taste of the countryside. Its location in Calamba allows you to enjoy this without having to sacrifice access to the metro,” said Sta. Lucia Land president Exequiel Robles.  

In its design, La Huerta will feature farm house type architecture in all its properties. This design will provide just enough amount of space for resident to start a vineyard of their own and harvest produce right within their backyard. The whole community is also divided into four clusters with each having a selection of farm lots, namely: El Cielo (The Sky), El Sol (The Sun), La Luna (The Moon) and La Lluvia (The Rain).

For those who seek a refuge abundant in nature’s gentle touch and away from the bustling city life, La Huerta is definitely a good choice. Aside from the verdant pleasures, it holds much potential to provide returns for one’s finances and major benefits in the long run.

“Farm living is something that many of us had imagined to experience at some point of our lives. With La Huerta, we aim to provide owners a glimpse into farm living by introducing a development that provides both the serene lifestyle and the opportunities for them to maximize their experience by having a farm property where they can literally harvest the fruits of their investments,” Robles added.