A perfect match

It’s finally here — the most-awaited Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola alcoholic ready-to-drink is now available in the Philippines.

Yes, whiskey and cola lovers are in for a treat for this pre-mixed canned cocktail that comes in 320-ml slim cans with an alcohol level of seven percent. With suggested retail price of P95, this premium drink offers the smooth and easy-drinking character of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey with the sweet and refreshing taste of Coca-Cola.

“For over a century, people all over the world have been mixing Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel’s when drinking at bars and in the comfort of their homes,” says Cesar Gangoso, the frontline marketing director of Coca-Cola ASEAN and South Pacific East Region.

Right, this classic cocktail has become one of the world’s most famous “bar calls” — drinks ordered by brand names and not just any other whiskey and soda mix. That’s why, says Gangoso, the Coca-Cola company finally partnered with Brown-Forman, makers of Jack Daniel’s, to formally combine the two brands into one blended drink.

The first canned Jack & Coke cocktail was first distributed in Mexico and the United States of America. The Philippines is the first in the Southeast Asian region.

“Our decisions are heavily influenced by our consumers and what they desire,” he continues. People already drink

Coca-Cola brands in moments of celebration. They mix our products with popular spirit brands like Jack Daniel’s.”

Gangoso adds that based on its recent consumer research, about 62 percent of Filipinos of legal drinking age enjoy the taste combination of Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel’s.

“So why not provide the people with a ready-to-drink version of this popular mix that they already love?,” he adds.

“Our brands have rich stories that set them apart — Jack Daniel’s and

Coca-Cola are such popular combinations that many people enjoy. Personally, some of my most memorable life moments involve my father and me conversing over a glass of Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola. We are apparently not alone, as many other Filipinos do the same. Our brands have rich and authentic stories that make them personal for our consumers, setting them apart from the competition.

Jack Daniel’s was established in 1866 in Lynchburg, Tennessee. The Coca-Cola brand was established in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia.

While both companies encourage everyone to try this product, they remind the public to drink responsibly. The Coca-Cola Company understands that entering the alcohol market entails new responsibilities, which it takes very seriously.

“We have created an Alcohol Responsibility Policy that is available on our website,” says Gangoso. “The Coca-Cola Company seeks to grow its alcohol brands in a responsible and sustainable manner, as well as adhere to responsible marketing practices for beverage alcohol advertising.”

The ready-to-drink cocktail are available in supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide, as well as through e-commerce platforms.

The Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will soon be distributed in the Philippines.