A culinary journey rooted in tradition, love and sharing

The story of RKitchen isn’t just about food — it’s about people, love and the beautiful tradition of sharing.

What once started in a small kawali became a culinary journey that embraces the world, inviting everyone to savor not just the flavors but the love and passion that go into every bite.

With a vision and inspiration to turn the family’s cherished family recipe into a thriving business, Ryan and Reese Regua founded RKitchen in 2019.

Nagsimula lang kami na magluto sa isang maliit na kawali (We started cooking using only a small pan),” recalled Ryan, who knew that it was just too good not to share it with the world.

For years, Reese’s mother had been serving the fermented rice with fish (burong isda) in private gatherings.

After a few tweaks to improve the product — by removing fish bones and reducing the pungent smell characteristic of a buro — the couple launched burong isda to the market.

In a span of one year, RKitchen increased its product offerings that people can enjoy any time of the day — from breakfast to dinner, such as Chili Garlic Oil, Spicy Burong Hipon, Burong Isda, Spicy Burong Isda, Burong Hipon, Garlic Tinapa, Lemon Garlic Tinapa and Spicy Garlic Tinapa.

Just recently, they introduced three more variants: Sweet and Spicy Tuyo, Garlic Tuyo and Spicy Garlic Tuyo in Vinegar.

RKitchen Foods Corporation specializes in bottled food packed with the heartwarming goodness of home cooking. Each product is crafted with its own special recipe and is ideal for everyone looking for easy pop-and-serve food.

With hard work, a strong social media presence and robust customer engagement, the company continues to grow in leaps and bounds. RKitchen currently has over 280 distributors and over 1,000 resellers.

The brand is also committed to supporting local communities, providing job opportunities and bringing countless joy to Filipino families through delectable offerings.

Four years following its culinary journey, Ryan and Reese realized it was time to welcome a celebrity endorser into the RFamily and to open the pages of RKitchen’s story to a broader audience.

With his enthusiastic presence and for being a passionate advocate for Filipino culture, Daniel Padilla, a multi-talented artist who personifies the very spirit of modern Filipino youth, is now part of the RFamily.

“With our partnership with Daniel Padilla, we are excited about the potential to inspire even more individuals. His warmth, charm and appreciation for our offerings make him the perfect endorser for our products,” Ryan shared.