A cafe that offers `Korean feels,’, among other things

Imagine having a drink and feeling you’re in a scene of your favorite K-drama.

That can be achieved — well, sort of — after O’ Mango Six, a café featured in various K-dramas (The Heirs, Gentleman’s Dignity, Kill Me Heal Me), opened its doors to the Philippines recently.

O’ Mango Six boasts fresh mango-based drinks as well as different coffee mixes like Honey Americano, Coconut Coffee and Oriental Latte; fresh fruit juices like Lemonade, Citron Ade and Aurora Ade; and even delicious meals and sweet pastries.

The menu is thoroughly curated to provide “sensational Korean drinks and desserts while still giving it a Filipino twist,” says O’Mango Six chief executive officer Lia Oh.


Food and drinks

During our visit, this writer was able to try its brunch sets: A hearty balance of vegetables and protein with the salad, perfectly scrambled eggs and bacon strips. The difference between sets A and B are the hashbrown and sausages, and the buttered toast and plain French toast.

But on opening day, I tried the Java Chip drink which was too sweet to my liking and does not have enough caffeine but is decent for a cold drink on a hot summer day.

In yet another visit, we opted for yogurt drinks — plain yogurt and banana yogurt — which marry the sourness and sweetness of the yogurt made sweeter by a banana. It’s got enough sweetness not to make my throat hurt.

Other must-try drinks are coffee-based mangocinno drinks, non-coffee mangocinno drinks in mint mocha, oreo and green tea; and smoothie drinks in flavors mango cream, mango coconut and mango strawberry.

While the drinks are quite delicious, naming it “mangocinno,” from the word “cappuccino,” is somewhat misleading as it can be mistaken for mango-infused coffee drinks. Well, unless the barista can pull off that concoction.

Interior design

We arrived early in the morning and thus became first customers of the day. That allowed us to appreciate its nature-inspired interior design.

The dummy plants and string lights hanging from the ceiling, potted ones dividing a portion of the café, and a wide mirror adorned with greenery that is strategically placed at the back of the café.

It also has French chairs and perfectly sized tables, small TV screens mounted on the pillars to provide entertainment. Walls have brown trimmings with warm grey accent that compliments the floor-to-ceiling glass panels.

The café can seat 60 people which was put to the test at the jam-packed opening. It was jampacked that a Korean guest had to occupy a table reserved for the media.

O’Mango Six is a place people can go to because of its beautiful interiors, great food, and not to mention, basement parking in the building.

O’Mango Six is located at Aseana 3 Bldg, East Tower, Asean Avenue, Parañaque City, and is open from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.