A burst of inspiration

Multimedia artist Lee Caces.

Coffee lovers, art aficionados and plant enthusiasts came together for Plain Sight’s recent artsy event, featuring multimedia artist Lee Caces. While Plain Sight has a history of artist collaborations, having previously worked with Tita Keks, Joly Poa and Nica Cosio, this collaboration with Caces is a first of its kind for the homegrown coffee brand.

“This is the first artist collaboration where we’ve planned an event, the first where we’re also kind of an art gallery,” Plain Sight’s CEO Sean Lee said.

BURST is Plain Sight’s latest coffee blend. | photographs courtesy of plain sight

Following a four-year career in the media industry, Caces turned full-time freelance artist in 2016. A multimedia artist whose works are inspired by his journeys through nature and the self, he focuses on illustration, merchandise design, mural painting, art exhibitions and brand collaborations.

The launch event allowed attendees to savor Burst, Plain Sight’s latest coffee blend crafted in collaboration with the artist while immersing in Lee’s visual work and inspirations through a plant workshop and art exhibit.

Attendees were treated to a drink demonstration featuring the brand’s Apple Burst Aerocano recipe, expertly crafted and served by Plain Sight’s head roaster Kurt Lee. A beverage that encapsulates both cozy comfort and refreshing zest, the Apple Burst Aerocano is a Plain Sight signature-in-the-making that showcases the versatility and depth of flavors found in Burst, underscoring the sweet and fruit-forward notes of apples, molasses and biscuits.

“I’ve always been interested in art and now that Plain Sight is growing, it feels like the right time to put more emphasis on the artists we work with,” Lee added.

Frequent encounters at events and a shared passion for coffee led to a collaboration between Lee and Plain Sight. This resulted in an event celebrating the creative synergy between coffee and visual art. At the opening, the CEO and artist shared insights into the creative journey behind Plain Sight, Burst, and the specially designed label artwork.

Caces facilitated an engaging Kokedama plant workshop where participants delved into the art of nurturing Kokedamas and caring for plants amidst bustling city life. Lee, a confessed plant enthusiast, has harbored a passion for gardening as long as he’s held a passion for art—a fact that is reflected in his portfolio of work, which is often botanically inspired.

An interactive session with plants.

The interactive session with plants offered attendees a unique insight into the artist’s creative process and inspirations, fostering a deeper connection with both Lee and his artistry.

Extending the opportunity for further engagement with his art, an artist reception for Lee is also scheduled until Friday, 8 March, where his works are put on display and are currently open for public viewing at the Plain Sight HQ in Mandaluyong from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“I hope this can become a regular occurrence — it’s going to be an active project for Plain Sight for sure,” Lee expressed enthusiasm for future artist collaborations. As a testament to its commitment, the company has already launched Instagram which will showcase future collaborations and featured artists dedicated to fostering creativity and supporting the local art scene.

Born from a mission to bring out the best in every cup in 2015, Plain Sight Coffee offers coffee for both wholesale and retail, ensuring that great coffee is always within reach — in plain sight. The coffee company provides expert guidance through every step of the process, from sourcing and roasting to supply and education, with a commitment to quality and accessibility.