4 Filipino pork dishes among world’s best-rated pork dishes — TasteAtlas

Four popular Filipino pork dishes have made it to this year’s list of “50 Best Rated Pork Dishes in the World” by online food reviewer TasteAtlas.

The food rankings, which were released on 8 May 2023, posted Lechon at number 17; Lechon Kawali and Bicol Express in the 22nd and 23rd spots, respectively; and Sisig at number 28.

According to TasteAtlas, Lechon is a slowly-roasted suckling pig that is traditionally served at grand celebrations and festive events. Lechon Kawali is described as a deep-fried pork belly dish usually accompanied by spicy vinegar sauce or a lechon liver sauce on the side.

Meanwhile, TasteAtlas said Bicol Express consists of sliced pork that is doused in a creamy coconut-based sauce and seasoned with shrimp paste and spicy chili peppers. Sisig, on the other hand, is made of a pig’s head such as ears, cheeks, and jowls, which are chopped and grilled and then seasoned with spices.

As for the top three in the list, the number one best-rated pork dish in the world is Mexico’s Carnitas, followed by Puerto Rico’s Pernil and Conchinita Pibil from Yucatan which ranked second and third, respectively.

TasteAtlas food rankings are based on the ratings of its online audience. It said its purpose is to “promote excellent local foods, instill pride in traditional dishes, and arouse curiosity about haven’t-tried dishes”.