Slip into Sebastian & Savannah

Sebastian & Savannah is a posh label committed to designing and creating timeless, yet so-very-today feminine pieces with fervent hopes to elevate the lady’s wardrobe, boost and empower women as she exudes newly discovered natural confidence.

Filipino-Chinese fashion designer Kat Padilla, the moving force behind the vegan leather and cruelty-free leatherette footwear brand Sebastian & Savannah, steadfastly continues to expand and widen her scope and reach further heights.

Kat personally designs each pair, and they have been warmly received by the community of admirable ladies! From a modest three initial models, the line now proudly showcases over 40 well-loved designs.

Padilla with the bestselling Tilda Slips in cream.

“I believe with all the blessings bestowed upon Sebastian & Savannah, I am grateful for the flourishing brand,” she confided.

An alum of Slim’s Fashion and Arts School and a Fashion Design and Merchandising major at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Kat has recently released their much-anticipated The Signature Collection.

The roster spotlights on The Adola, The Fana, The Peeba, The Chandria and The Lilith.

“In every collection, ours are always distinct and different. And these designs are really sterling — hence, the name,” she revealed.

The most current collaborations included a feature in Chinoy TV’s Modern Taoke (Modern Boss), Preview magazine with cover girl cosplayer, model and content creator Alodia Gosiengfiao slipping on their Olga in Tawny, and Candy magazine cover with social media personality and entrepreneur Bella Racelis wearing their Tilda Slips in cream and tan.

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Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs and creatives, Kat finds inspirations in their own ventures, hence her own foray into the world of fashion. She owes most of her aspirations to her dad.

“He’s always been there to support me no matter what. Someday, I’d love to give back all the things he’s done for me. I live to make my dad proud,” she promised.

“I likewise get so excited and inspired when my designs come to life. It’s a fulfilling feeling seeing your pieces out there. This is really something I look forward to doing to my heart’s content,” she continued.

Richelle Francisco with The Ofelia.

On her rest days, Kat usually cooks, bakes, paints or plays the piano. She keeps designing pieces for future projects even off-the-clock.

Looking forward, she keeps a positive resolve. “Even though I know I have a lot more to go through, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. It’s really something I worked hard for.”

We sat down with the trailblazer and listened to her thoughts about her brand.


Creative process

“I really love the development process, from designing, sampling to manufacturing. It takes so long to get it right. It’s so gratifying when we nail it. The feeling is magical when your ideas come to life, when people purchase and leave good reviews of your products. And, of course, when known publications feature your brand on newspapers and magazines. The entire exercise is just priceless.”

Nicole Ortega with Tilda Slips.


Essential skills

“Being creative and resourceful play big roles in sustaining a business. You should be aware of what’s happening in your surroundings and adapt quickly and easily swerve to the right direction. Always observe what works for you and what doesn’t. Time and money are truly important these days — that’s why we can’t afford to bet on something that’s not working or benefiting us.”

Katt Valdez with The Margrethe in white.



“Bestseller pairs are still The Tábertha and Tilda Slips, which are now available in 10 colors each. Our best collections yet are The Krokodille Collection and The Signature Collection.”

JESYCH with The Minda.



“In my case, I initially had a problem with our manufacturing since we needed to constantly align with demand. When we figured that out, it seemed we lacked in marketing. So it’s really good to regularly audit. This is to balance everything out and to realign what’s necessary.”

Elisse Joson with The Connie.


Customer wants

“In the span of being in the business, what our clienteles really appreciate the most is customer care. They’ll love your products even more if you give them the appreciated right attention. It makes them value your products and brand more.”

Kat Padilla, owner and founder of Sebastian & Savannah.


Advice to aspiring designer-entrepreneurs

“Create something different. You won’t stand out if you’re just offering the same as everyone else. You can’t just focus in one aspect of the business, you need to be knowledgeable in all parts of it. Build connections with high quality and inspiring people. Be an inspiration yourself.”

Hidilyn Diaz with The Siggy.