Why 60 years old up to 80 is the new 50

A recent study done in the United States resulted in the interesting findings that the most productive years in a human being’s life are from 60 to 70 years old; the second most productive years are from 70 up to 80 years old; and the third most productive age is 50 up to 60 years old.

Why is this so? Because at the age of 60, a human being reaches the peak of his/her potential which continues up to the age of 80. The empathy and sensitivities of the elders in these age groups contribute to the wellspring of knowledge which, in the Tamil word pattarivu, means exposure and prodigious learning process. It means knowledge gained by experience is a thousand times more valuable than the Tamil word padipparivu, which is knowledge gained through studies.

The study further reveals that the average age of Nobel Prize winners is 62; the average age of a Fortune 500 CEO is 63; and the average age of pastors and priests of the 100 largest churches in the United States is 71. The average age of the Pope in the Vatican is 76.


I have so many friends in this age group who I look up to as my mentors and gurus in many aspects of my life. To name a few, former Pfizer chief executive officer Gerry Bacarro, successful businessman and Rotarian leader Jack Rodriguez, Rotarian governors and leaders Ernie Choa, Rodolfo Bediones, Roberto Pagdanganan, Congressman Odie Tarriela, W vice chair Rosalind Wee, diplomat Delia Albert and Executive Secretary Lucas P. Bersamin, who live fruitful, fulfilled, successful lives leading their organizations with wisdom, vigor, energy, authenticity and empathy.

The above statistics prove that because of knowledge gained through experience, human beings are able to think better, think holistically and think practical as they navigate the running of organizations with excellent work and pride.

We should therefore encourage companies, organizations, government, NGOs and enterprises to hire people 60 years old and above as consultants and members of their boards. These are the people who can offer good advice, share their experiences and mentor the young executives from the private and the government sectors allowing their sage advice to lead the organizations with excellent results as they lead responsibly, act with equanimity and respect everyone equally.

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