‘Where’s  the father?’: Netizens blast Carlo Aquino’s absence at daughter’s birthday

Digital content creator Trina Candaza pulled out all the stops to celebrate her daughter Enola Mithi’s third birthday. Stars like Ogie Diaz and JC Santos were among the guests at the happy celebration, which was awash in pastel colors and had a unicorn motif.

Candaza made sure it was a day to remember for her daughter, and afterwards she posted a message on Instagram to thank everyone who attended Mithi’s big day.

“Enola Mithi’s 3rd Birthday. Thank you to everyone who attended Mithi’s special day,” she said.

This break from their previous co-parenting efforts, which saw both parents celebrating their child’s second birthday together, raised eyebrows, with a number of netizens blasting Aquino’s non-appearance.
“What an irresponsible father. Kahit post ng birthday ng anak nya sa ig wala, pero sa new gf panay flex (Not even a birthday post about her daughter on Instagram, all he does is show off his new GF),” said one commenter, referring to Aquino’s current squeeze Charlie Dizon.

Another voice chimed in with: “Where’s the father? What an irresponsible father. It only comes once a year but doesn’t even try to attend her daughter’s special day.”

On 7 September 2020, Aquino and Candaza welcomed their child Enola Mithi. They separated shortly after, putting an end to their three-year relationship.