Wellness trends in 2024

AN employee’s well-being is vital to the success of the company. | photograph courtesy of LDB DESIGN

One cannot stop the fast pace of living nor can time be reversed. For this reason, people around the world are playing catch up with progress. 

Short of running after time, there are trends worth understanding and incorporating in our own lives.

Wearable technology

TECHNOLOGY has penetrated the world of wellness. | photograph courtesy of UNSPLASH/LOYD DIRKS

Technology has penetrated the world of wellness. Devices are much in demand, such as smartwatches, heart rate/glucose monitors and fitness trackers. Eventually, these devices will become more advanced and their applications will soon include the ability to track personal habits, monitor sleep patterns, assess nutritional imbalances, perhaps even a mood change tracker as well. This is because people are looking for fast, reliable and real-time information.

Wellness in the workplace

More companies are seeing the need to bring wellness into the office environment. These include the improvement of the office air quality, furniture comfort, accessibility of nutritious foods while improving the office cafeteria’s food choices. A vital requirement is the mental well-being of the employees.

In the corporate world, wellness experts with successful wellness programs are invited to share their wisdom on matters like mental health, de-stressing technique, positive self-talk and emotional management to address anxiety, frustration and anger. Studies have shown that mental and emotional stability coupled with a strong nutrition program play a major role in having a strong and vital workforce which is linked to increased productivity.

Personal well-being

People have come of age. Much wisdom has been garnered from the imposed isolation of the past pandemic. They say, “no more!” Personal freedoms are strongly guarded and fiercely defended by those who have felt that the enjoyment of life was brutally seized from them. Thus, the value placed on personal well-being. 

There is a move by people. Let’s call it an internal quest for authenticity and individuality. They seek to improve themselves by especially looking inwards. Spiritual wellness has become integral to a person’s fullness of becoming more whole and complete. Mind-body programs, inner healing camps and self-development workshops are much in demand. 

Back to nature

interest in farm tourism is on the rise along with agri-tourism. | photograph courtesy of unsplash/markus spiske

It appears that a popular goal for many millennials is to eventually become a farmer. Thus, interest in farm tourism is on the rise along with agri-tourism. This is a growing trend, one that may yet boost the private sector’s agri-farm entrepreneurs. 

The real-estate sector has been seeing a demand from prospective buyers for properties that are close to nature with verdant greenery. This will, in turn, bolster “green living” with emphasis on sustainability. 

Worldwide, the wellness industry is evolving rapidly. And the Philippines is finding its rightful place in the map of global wellness. There will be more interesting developments in the years to come. The whole point being that the earth is our one home. Therefore, all efforts must be exerted to preserve our planet, one wellness crusade at a time. 

Affirmation: “I have arrived.”

Love and light!