Urban Evolution in Action:  Filinvest City ushers in new era  of intelligent, sustainable living

Filinvest City is taking the lead in creating the country’s first sustainable and smart city. Located on a sprawling 244-hectare prime property in Alabang, Muntinlupa City, this innovative township sets a precedent for the fusion of urban living and environmental consciousness.

Under the management of Filinvest Alabang Inc., Filinvest City has become the only central business district in the country to be LEED Gold certified for neighborhood development. Green Building Council and the Philippine Green Building Council awarded it a three-star BERDE certification. This distinctive feature highlights the city’s unwavering dedication to effortlessly fusing modern amenities with the outdoors.

Filinvest City, divided into painstakingly planned districts, seamlessly combines a variety of buildings, including homes, entertainment centers, major educational institutions, and state-of-the-art healthcare and wellness facilities. The design promotes safety and walkability, improving the quality of life for those who live there.

“We believe that these features of Filinvest City are the main reasons its land value continues to appreciate over time. The city continues to evolve and modernize to meet the ever-changing needs of people,” shared Don Ubaldo, FAI’s First Vice President for Townships.

The journey of progress and innovation over the past three decades shows no signs of slowing down. With an eye toward the next 30 years, Filinvest City is committed to progressively enhancing the lives of its citizens and safeguarding the environment. The city has already made progress, starting with improvements in accessibility, connection and security.

Filinvest City collaborated with Green Antz to transform municipal plastic trash into valuable building materials aesthetically displayed in the city’s Central Park to promote recycling and community involvement.

Furthermore, the District Cooling System, the most extensive cooling system in the Philippines, was installed to make it easier to cool 16 eminent structures in the Northgate Cyberzone. Filinvest City’s dedication to sustainability is demonstrated by improvements to its sewage and water treatment facilities.

Solar panels, inaugurated in January 2022, adorn commercial developments like Festival Mall, offsetting a substantial portion of energy consumption and significantly reducing carbon emissions. The integration of CCTVs in strategic locations and common areas bolsters the city’s security infrastructure.

Demonstrating its status as a burgeoning smart city, Filinvest City offers public access to free WIFI throughout its premises, augmenting the convenience of its residents. Commuters can access the Get Pass online feature through the FC App, equipped with GPS integration to track the eco-friendly Global Electric Transport Comet E-Vehicle, streamlining urban transportation.

Filinvest City intends to integrate solar-powered streetlights, intelligent benches and wireless phone chargers into its urban fabric as part of its commitment to wellness and improved public spaces. The “Run for the Future: Building an Ecommunity Together” event marked the culmination of a celebration of Filinvest City’s first three decades, further demonstrating the city’s commitment to sustainability and community involvement.

“Everything we do is intentional — from the infrastructure to the amenities and creative activations around the city. They are all in place to support our move towards becoming the first smart city in the country where people and the environment can benefit from each other,” concluded Ubaldo, encapsulating Filinvest City’s unwavering mission.