Travel trends, tips and tricks

Making travel plans for next year? Some of the industry’s best travel professionals share these helpful tips from the annual TravMedia Summit Asia held in Singapore last year. 

 The summit gathered over 275 media and industry professionals composed of travel editors, writers, influencers, broadcasters and travel and tourism stakeholders, such as destinations, airlines, hotel groups, destinations and cruise lines, to discuss some of the industry’s biggest trends and challenges. Together, the different stakeholders presented their very own industry observations and shared a few tips and tricks along the way.


The Best of Asia

Expedia Group named the top five Asian destinations for year-end holidays: Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul, with Taipei being named as the fastest-growing destination. In a survey among 1,000 Singaporean travelers, Air Travel Hacks shares that Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Penang are the most popular destinations among them.

 Ben George, Hilton’s senior vice president and commercial director for the Asia Pacific, cites Hilton Research in identifying the GenerAsian Traveler, the new generation of Asian travelers who prefer going around Asia. According to their report, the number of GenerAsian travelers will only continue to rise in 2024. About 77 percent of Asian travelers wish to better understand their heritage through travel and 75 percent are looking to explore other Asian cultures.

Travel preferences

Hilton Research reports that a majority of travelers across Asia have a particular focus on wanting to explore local and traditional food. This has been dubbed a “unifying passion point” across Asia, with travelers allotting higher budgets for culinary experiences — suggesting a continued demand for authentic travel experiences. 

 Local history and heritage spots also remain popular for over 84 percent of travelers to provide themselves with a better understanding of their destination and connect with the local community. Adventure and pleasure experiences also maintain their popularity.

 The desire for cultural connection also affects their choice of accommodation. While price point remains top of mind, Asian travelers are more likely to book a stay somewhere with access to unique experiences while also keeping trusted hotel brands in mind as well as mattress quality.

 Flight prices will stabilize

The Expedia Group shares that numbers will soon return to pre-pandemic levels with more and more airlines adding capacity and increasing service. In Expedia’s Air Travel Hacks 2024 Report, long-haul flights are at 93 percent of what they were in 2019, while short-haul flights are at 79 percent and continuing to increase. 

In terms of pricing, flight prices have been below 2022 levels for most of 2023 and will continue to do so this 2024. 


When should you book a flight?

Booking an economy flight ticket on a Sunday will allow you to save around 11 percent compared to booking on a Friday, with even larger savings of up to 36 percent for premium bookings for an average of 27 percent in savings according to Expedia’s Air Travel Hacks 2024 Report as shared to the travel media at the summit. 

 Flights should be booked four to five months ahead of your trip due to international airfare prices rising at least nine weeks before the departure date. Travelers that book at least 128 to 142 days before their departure are shown to have saved an average of 10 percent compared to last-minute buyers.

 James Marshall, vice president of Expedia Group global air account management, advises the use of their Price Tracking Feature to be notified of flight price changes and receive recommendations on the best time to book. “In terms of stress levels, booking your next flight shouldn’t be in the same ballpark as getting a cavity filled,” he jokes.

When should you leave for a trip?

The Expedia Air Travel Hacks 2024 reports that leaving on a Thursday will allow you to save up to 30 percent compared to other departure days, with Sundays being the priciest day to start a trip. 

Departing during the day is also encouraged to reduce the chance of flight cancellations since red-eye flights starting at 9 p.m. are 74 percent more likely to be canceled according to year-to-date flight status data.

What’s the best way to book my trip?

Hilton Research reports that 83 percent of Asian travelers now prefer to book everything online. To save more money and lessen the stress of booking for an entire trip, Expedia recommends bundling items together.

 Flights, hotels and activities often come as a flexible and customizable vacation package. Booking with Expedia will allow you to select according to preference and lessen the number of transactions you need to make, not to mention the ease of looking over details for your entire trip in one place.

 No matter where or how you want to travel next year, 2024 looks to be another great year to explore. Keep these tips in mind so you can make the most of your trip.