Summer curls are in

Summer is the best time to flaunt those curls that is why Revlon Professional offers solutions which can redefine your curls’ personality and rethink textured haircare from the roots.

Re/Start Curls — newest in the Revlon Professional range — helps target the specific needs of wavy, curly or coily hair while respecting the scalp’s microbiome.

Every routine starts with a pre-wash that helps to balance scalp microbiome, while nourishing and defining curls, and that is Re/Start Curls Multipurpose Gel-to-Oil that also acts as a definer, hair refresher and leave-in that you can carry anywhere or just inside your beach bag.

The Re/Start Curls Nourishing Cleanser nourishes wavy to coily hair, while moisturizing and hydrating it. This cleanser is formulated with jojoba oil and vegan biomimetic lipids that restore hair’s natural oils for ultimate curl definition. It’s best to end every wash with Re/Start Curls Nourishing Conditioner and Leave-in that serves a heat protection and promotes hair’s natural moisture retention and frizz control. It locks in that bouncy curls while providing long-lasting defined curls.

To end every bathroom routine, you might want to apply Re/Start Curls Deep Nourishing Buttery Mask that restores hair’s natural oils for ultimate curl definition. Don’t forget to cap it with Re/Start Curls Defining Caring Cream that promotes super care for your curls, smooths hair for frizz control and gives that super bouncy curls.

Just like a day in paradise, your curls might be tired and will need Re/Start Curls Next-Day Refreshing Tonic for immediate curl definition and healthy curls.