Pinoy muppet TJ: He can tell you how to get to `Sesame Street’

Filipino fans of “Sesame Street” throughout the ages finally have somebody to identify with — in the form of a muppet named TJ.

The longest-running children’s show recently unveiled the smart, brown-skinned muppet sporting a one-sided haircut and dressed in a striped hoodie, a creation by Fil-American animator Bobby Pontillas.

“I had the amazing opportunity to work with the geniuses at the Sesame Workshop to create a Filipino muppet for Sesame Street!,” said Pontillas in a video. “Meet TJ!”

Pontillas, an Oscar-nominated animator, said TJ was based on the kids of his lifelong friends.

“I was blessed to collaborate with master puppeteer Louis Mitchell, the loveliest human on earth,” he added.

In a shared video, TJ is hanging with actor Kal Penn discussing the show’s “Word of the Day:” Confidence.

“I’m learning Tagalog — it’s a language my Filipino family speaks. I’m confident because I can always ask my lola for help when I don’t know a word,” TJ said when asked how he displays confidence.

Pontillas said:”Maraming salamat” to Rosemary Espina Palacios, Sesame Workshop’s Director of Talent Outreach, Inclusion, and Content Development, “for masterminding this and bringing me along” as well as puppeteer Yinan Shintu “for bringing TJ to life.”