NHCP issues resolution adopting criteria for a hero

Dr. Jose Rizal is widely regarded as a hero. | PHOTOGRAPH by Roel Hoang Manipon for the Daily Tribune

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) Board of Commissioners has issued a resolution adopting the criteria to be declared a “hero” on 18 March.

According to NHCP Board Resolution 21, Series of 2023, the NHCP is recognizing codified criteria of a hero set forth by the Philippine Historical Committee and the National Heroes Commission in 1965, and by the Technical Committee of the National Heroes Committee in 1993 and 1995. The Commission has been using the said criteria in identifying personages of historical significance, which the Board of Commissioners have officially codified in a resolution signed in 13 December 2023. It should be noted that while it was inspired by the criteria set by the predecessor committees, modifications were also made by the Board of Commissioners.

However, the NHCP stressed that the adoption of the criteria will not lead to the officialization of heroes, and maintains the philosophy that the hero is a product of public acclaim and time, and should not be legislated.

 The NHCP is the national government agency mandated to promote and preserve Philippine history and heritage through historical research and publication, heraldry works, the administration of national shrines and museums, conservation, and preservation and marking of historic sites and structures.