Nathan Studios acquires critically acclaimed Japanese film ‘Monster’

Nathan Studios, the brainchild of the Atayde family and helmed by president and chief executive officer Ria Atayde, has once again showcased its commitment to delivering cutting-edge content.

Owned by the Atayde family, Nathan Studios is a top-tier production outfit committed to delivering groundbreaking content. With different projects spanning series, movies and live events, the studio has consistently showcased narratives that challenge conventions and resonate deeply with audiences.

Under Ria’s leadership, the company has produced notable projects like Cattleya Killer, Misis Piggy and Topakk.

During their recent visit to the Cannes Film Festival, the Nathan Studios team, in collaboration with veteran actress Lorna Tolentino and 888 Films International, secured the rights to the critically acclaimed Japanese drama film Monster.

Directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda and penned by Yuji Sakamoto, Monster bagged the Best Screenplay award at Cannes.

Monster marks a significant milestone for director Kore-eda, as it’s the first time he has directed a film he didn’t write himself since Maborosi in 1995. Its score also holds a special place in cinematic history, as the last project by the legendary Ryuichi Sakamoto, who died of cancer two months before its release. The film stands as a tribute to his memory.

At its core, Monster is an emotional exploration of adolescence, deceit and the consequences that arise from them. Through the eyes of three different characters, the film demands patience from its viewers, promising a payoff filled with well-earned emotional revelations. The narrative revolves around Minato, his mother Saori and his classmate Eri, each offering a unique viewpoint on the unfolding events, revealing buried truths that trouble all the characters. Kore-eda’s exceptional camera work, combined with Sakamoto’s tender script, creates a cinematic masterpiece.