Migraine, go away

They say life can give you many headaches, but there is one kind that nobody wants to experience.

We continue to tackle some of your personal issues, one natural step at a time. This one is about the much-dreaded migraine.

A migraine normally has four stages: podrome (the warning signs), the aura, the attack and the post-drome.

While migraines may seem never-ending, they are not. So here is what you should know.

Warning signs:

•Frequent yawning

•Food cravings

•Mood swings

•Neck stiffness

•Fluid retention


Aura. When you have visual phenomena like seeing bright spots, flashes of light, different shapes, vision loss, pins and needles sensation in the arms, weakness or numbness on the face, difficulty in speaking.

Attack. A migraine if untreated may last anywhere from four to 72 hours.  While no two persons suffer migraines the same way, the pain is always intense on one or both sides of the head.

There is sensitivity to light, sometimes to smell and taste. 

Post-drome. Feeling of weakness or exhaustion, some confusion.

What to do:

1. Consult your doctor immediately.

2. Observe yourself. Track your headache activity.

3. Avoid your triggers like food allergies. Suspected triggers are foods high in nitrates and MSG, and cold food such as ice cream (to avoid the so-called “brain-freeze”). Stay away from foods high in tyramine, a compound. This includes cheese like feta, blue, cheddar, parmesan and Swiss. 

4. Avoid any food additives.

5. Stay hydrated always. 

6. Learn yoga.

7. Meditate daily for at least 15 minutes.

8. Limit beans and dried fruits (with preservatives)

9. Apply lavender and peppermint oil (Doterra essential oil) on the painful area. Avoid the eye area. 

10.Try to see an acupuncturist. It helps.

11. Take feverfew tea.

12. Take ginger tea.

13. Try biofeedback to fight stress.

14. Include magnesium in your diet. You may supplement or get it from natural sources (all nuts, seeds and eggs).

15. Have frequent massages.

(Reference: www. healthline.com)

Affirmation: “I live a pain-free life.”

Love and Light.